Freeholders mulling $13k pay extension for head of Workforce Investment Board


The Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders are mulling over a resolution that would allow the county to pay $13,641 to the head the of the county Workforce Investment Board, though no one seems to be aware of who took over after the previous director left in July. 


The resolution in question called for a two-month extension of a shared services agreement that would allow the interim executive director of the Hudson County Workforce Investment Board, which is the board affiliated with the JCETP, to be paid by the county.

WIB is a joint venture between Jersey City and Hudson County. The agreement would potentially last from August 1 through September 30 and the amount paid out of county funds would be $13,641.

Marcia Kahnowitz, who served as the WIB executive director for one year, left the position last month to serve as an attorney for the New York law firm Hirshen Singer & Epstein LLP, has since been replaced by an interim director.

However, no county officials could name who that is at the meeting.

Furthermore, WIB’s website did not have any information available about who has been serving as interim director since Kahnowitz’s departure.

After the meeting concluded, O’Dea gave some history and background on WIB while speaking with Hudson County View.

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  1. Hey, it makes a lot of sense to give a pay extension – $13K for two months, not bad – for a phantom that no one knows. It must be due to the great job the phantom is doing.

    Hmm, whom will the check be payable to?