Following legislative efforts, NJ Transit to provide some service to Greenville


Following efforts from elected leaders in the 31st Legislative District, NJ Transit has announced that they will ensure that Greenville residents have at least some service after a private company said that they were ceasing their primary route.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Starting tomorrow, NJ Transit will make modifications to its No. 86 bus route in Jersey City to provide continued bus service to area residents, including the Lafayette Senior Living Center, following the termination of A&C Bus Route No.4, the agency said in a news release earlier this week.

The new and enhanced route for the No. 86 will result in continued one-seat rides for residents of the senior center to necessities such as the nearby ShopRite supermarket.

“After working with community legislators, I am pleased that our bus operation was able to make these adjustments quickly and within the constraints of our existing resources to maintain this critical service in Jersey City,” NJ Transit Executive Director Kevin Corbett said in a statement.

“Providing mobility to our seniors and other residents is one of our most important responsibilities as a transit agency.”

Corbett also indicated that NJ Transit identified efficiencies in the current route to allow this modification to be made using existing equipment and operators.

The new routing, which will include the senior complex on Pacific Avenue, will operate hourly seven days a week and will maintain all of the current No. 86’s bus stops.

Additionally, the new route will also provide No. 86 customers with a stop near the Jersey City Medical Center.

Schedules on the No. 86 are being adjusted and will be available on

The announcements comes about two weeks after state Senator Sandra Cunningham, Assemblyman Nick Chiaravalloti and Assemblywoman Angela McKnight (all of LD-31) urged A&C Bus Corporation to keep their No. 4 route, which ran from Greenville to the Newport Centre mall, in operation.

All three legislators said they were glad NJ Transit was willing to work with the community, however, more work needs to be done.

“I want to thank NJ Transit for stepping in and trying to find a workable solution to the decision made by A&C Bus to terminate the No. 4 route,” said Cunningham, who also noted that some residents still do not have a solution to this problem.

“This is not an ideal solution, but NJ Transit has responded to the calls from the community,” added McKnight.

Additionally, Chiravalloti stated that he introduced legislation on Wednesday that will require private bus lines to issue a six-month public notice, along with public hearing, prior to cancelling a route.

“We are lucky NJ Transit was able to respond as quickly as they did, but we need to take steps to avoid further issues,” he explained.

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  1. Residents of Greenville / Lafayette still need a bus to take over the #4 route. Especially those who live in the Lafayette section. Please don’t forget about us