Ex-Hoboken Assemblyman Garcia gets 4th continuance this year in Newark bribery case


Former Hoboken Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia received his fourth continuance this year in a case about a large-scale Newark bribery scheme.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The discovery in this matter involves numerous documents and materials that defense counsel requires adequate time to review,” U.S. District Judge Madeline Cox Arleo wrote on Monday.

“The grant of a continuance order will ensure that … defense counsel has sufficient time to review and inspect discovery and further investigate the charges in this matter. The failure to grant a continuance would deny counsel for the defendant the reasonable time necessary to effectively prepare for trial, taking into account the exercise of due diligence.”

The continuance, his fourth this year, was granted through December 1st of this year. The case has been delayed over a dozen times thus far, at least in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Garcia, also the former director of the Newark Department of Economic and Housing Development, was indicted in October for allegedly soliciting corrupt payments in exchange for helping businessmen acquire and redevelop properties.

He was charged with one count of conspiracy to defraud the city of Newark and the NCEDC of Garcia’s honest services facilitated by the use of interstate wire transmissions; 17 counts of honest services wire fraud; and four counts of use of interstate facilities to promote and facilitate bribery in violation of the Travel Act.

Two Newark businessmen face the same charges, while Garcia is also accused of three counts of receiving bribes in connection with the business of a federally funded local government and organization.

He pleaded not guilty about a month later and is being represented by Robert G. Stahl, of Stahl Criminal Defense Lawyers with offices in Westfield and New York City.

Sudhan Thomas, a former Jersey City Board of Education president, also received another continuance in this week in his case where he is accused of embezzling $45,000 from the Jersey City Employment and Training Program while serving as the acting executive director.

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  1. Looks like Garcia’s is using the same strategy his 4th Ward friend Campos did of dragging out his criminal as long as he can case hoping for a better deal in the end. Jail time.

    • The walls of my restaurant had ears… and tape recorders

      Carmelo was known to have lunched with Senators, Ex HHA Member, a current one ( that doesn’t seem to live in NJ and a rumored negligent condo slumlord in the 4th ward and even a First husband!

      Carmelo must have a lot of dirt

  2. When that call finally does come in just be sure not to confuse the phone with a toilet brush, if you know what’s good for you. I don’t care if you say it feels good. Those bristles have backlash, dammit!

  3. Whatever he did, we sure would love to know what he did/ heard/ said/ at that infamous lunch meeting

    All that can be proven is after those tapes came out ( and the emails from hubby to commissioners it seems Dawn lost interest in that third term… helll age list interest in Hoboken! The first and only mayor of Hoboken to leave after serving… SAD

    • It was clear when I opted out of a third mayoral run walking down the stairs with my legal protectorate mayoral candidate Ravi why I ended my campaign for a third term. It had nothing to do with the subpoena of my shadow mayor husband, Stanislaw and his emails to HHA commissioners.

      As I told the press, I left in order to stop global warming Trump refused to end. By selling my rain gardens across Hudson County, I stopped the global warming crisis for two years.

      Now, PresidentJoe Biden and I are working on selling rain gardens with Hunter at China’s new coal plants. The US will help in the funding managed by John Pedoesta similar to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s success in empowering the coronavirus at the Wuhan Level IV lab.

      Stay tuned for an upcoming documentary, “My Son Hunter” showing our great success.

  4. Sad that there are still so many sore losers here, you really should get over it, boys.

    Zimmer cleaned your clocks twice, cleaned up the town from the rot of old Hoboken crony politicos, became a very popular and well liked mayor, and was succeeded by a new mayor who you’ve been unable to beat twice (you didn’t even have the ba**s to run an opponent the second time, what does THAT say about your side?).

    I know, reality sucks and the truth hurts. No wonder all you lonely basement dwellers choose to dwell on fiction instead. Someday you’ll put on your bigboy pants. Actually, maybe you won’t/can’t.