Ex-Govs. Kean, Florio leading $2M campaign aimed to fix broken government


Former New Jersey Governors Tom Kean ( R) and Jim Florio (D) took the Civic Pledge at the Civic Challenge campaign kickoff, a $2 million endeavor aimed to fix broken government, at Liberty House restaurant in Jersey City this morning.


Citizens Campaign Founder and Chairman Harry Pozycki welcomed a crowd of more than 60 people and explained that the purpose of Civic Challenge Campaign is to empower citizens to be a problem force and help shape government to be more solutions focused.

“The problems with our democracy are systemic, no matter who we elect as president on November 8, it is only we the citizens who could get us out the rough, of rigid ideology and blame game politics and the government that kind of politics can create,” stated Pozycki.

Kean shared his experience during a recent visit to Philadelphia and reminded everyone of the first three words of the Constitution, “We the people.”

According to Kean, the citizens are who can really control change and help restore the faith in Democracy.

When Florio took to the podium, he brought up the need for citizens to be more informed and proactive in  order understand what is going on in their state.

The Civic Challenge asks pledges to participate in local civic associations called Civic Trusts, Solutions Civics and Solutions Journalism, three areas that can create a positive political environment for problem solving.

The program was piloted in Newark, Perth Amboy and Trenton and proved that citizens who work together achieve advancing solutions in community police relations, student discipline and other local areas of concern.

Both former governors called for citizens to become more proactive and help bring solutions to restore the faith in the current government.

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