Environmentally friendly group Rounds 2 Resources hosts Earth Day party


Rounds 2 Resources, a Hudson County-based environmentally friendly group, hosted an Earth Day party at Social 59 Eatery and Lounge in West New York earlier this week.


“Earth Day is very dear to my heart because we’re a green organization, we’re environmentally driven, which is so important because not only does that keep usable resources out of a landfill, but it means that there isn’t anybody we can’t help,” said Wendy LaMotta, the Rounds 2 Resources CEO.

“There isn’t anything that we can’t do for anyone. We want to keep our resources out of landfill.”

LaMotta, a retired professional boxer, started Rounds 2 Resources shortly after hanging up the gloves in late 2006.

Speaking with Hudson County View, she painted a clearer picture of how the organization aims to help the community.

“Rounds 2 Resources is all about using, recycling and redistributing things back into the communities … The best thing that I love about our organization is the fact that all of this reuse is not only helping one type of organization,” she explained.

“We help the homeless, we help the veterans, we help the animals, we help … there isn’t any type of organization that we don’t help. We help synagogues, we help churches, so we help every class or organizations. So that’s where our logo comes from: that we’re fighting for the world.”

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