‘Education Matters’ Jersey City BOE team pulls off 3rd consecutive sweep


The “Education Matters” Jersey City Board of Education team, the slate historically backed by the local teachers union, pulled off their third consecutive sweep in today’s election.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The trio of Trustee Noemi Velazquez, Christopher Tisdale, and Afaf Muhammed was able to stave off the “Change for Children” team, which Velazquez was a part of in 2019.

This incarnation was led by Trustee Alexander Hamilton, who ran alongside Kenny Reyes and Doris Toni Ervin, who came in fourth place last year. EM Campaign Manager Mike Greco said this was a big statement win.

“Often in Jersey City, politicians try to pit parents and educators against each other. Our win tonight is evidence that the parents in Jersey City are very much embedded and aware in what the issues are,” he told HCV.

“It is also evidence that the educators of the Jersey City Public Schools & the Jersey City parents have formed a partnership that was able to see the through lies. Hopefully we will continue to collaborate on many issues moving forward to continue to move the district forward for our children.”

He also thanked the JCEA and Jersey City voters for their support.

Preliminary tallies from the Hudson County Clerk’s Office show that everyone from the EM team surpassed 10,700 votes (with Velazquez, Tisdale, and Muhammed finishing first, second, and their, respectively), with Hamilton down by about 2,200.

The CFC slate reminded voters that the union-backed school board candidates raised taxes two years in a row, while the EM team insisted that the LeFrak Organization would eventually lead to school funding cuts.

LeFrak has aided CFC via a super PAC known as Fairer NJ, while Garden State Forward, the super PAC arm of the New Jersey Education Association, has provided support for EM.

While CFC appeared to have the fundraising edge in this one, it remains unclear how much Garden State Forward spent in this race as of this writing.

The EM team has gone nine for nine in the past three school board races, and has gone 12 for 14 against CFC overall since 2019.

Additionally, all nine trustees that will be part of the board in January will have received the JCEA’s support in their most recent election.

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