Downtown construction causes major water line rupture in Bayonne


Construction on a downtown redevelopment project caused a 16-inch water line rupture late this morning on the corner of 14th and Broadway in Bayonne.


The site is the future location of a five-story residential building with a total of 38 units, including two apartments on the ground floor.

The groundbreaking for construction recently occurred on September 25. The site is being developed by Mitchell Burakovsky.

According to Tim Boyle, the executive director of the Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA), “it happened while the men were working on the site.”

The workers hit a 16-inch water main, causing a small overflow, but that ultimately lead to a larger pipe bursting, he said.

Boyle added that United Water is on the scene and believes to have identified the right valve on Avenue E that will allow them to shut the water down.

Robocalls were made to the southern half of the city stating that the water pressure may be lower than normal and may also be a slightly discolored, but the water should still be drinkable, Boyle stated.

“There is a 16-inch main: it runs from Avenue E to Avenue A, so it’s really only along that corridor – along 14th Street, that is being directly affected. I think most of the residents in town should not experience anything more than a little but loss of water pressure. Its fairly localized,” Boyle concluded, noting he is being updated on the situation every 30 minutes.

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