Does part-time West New York building inspector deserve $82k salary?


West New York’s part-time building inspector Manny Fernandez, who has four other jobs, earns just under $82,000 a year, but surveillance footage calls into question whether or not he is earning his WNY salary.


Fernandez, who served as the town’s acting construction official between 2012 and 2014, remains with the town as a building inspector.

According to payroll records obtained from the clerk’s office, he earns an annual salary of $81,796 – despite working just over 21 hours a week, from 7:30 a.m. until 11:45 a.m. – Monday through Friday.

He does not receive health or medical benefits from West New York and also earns part-time wages from Guttenberg, Secaucus, Rutherford and Fairview – netting him roughly another $45,000 a year.

None of the other municipalities had a set schedule established for Fernandez, who comes in on an as needed basis.

On multiple occasions in July and August, East Coast Private Investigations followed Fernandez on a typical West New York work day, revealing that while he punched in and punched out on time, there was rarely any actual work being performed.

Surveillance footage forwarded to Hudson County View showed Fernandez routinely sitting outside town hall, eating breakfast at a restaurant and performing no more than three inspections in a morning – in one instance, inspecting a home in Guttenberg while on the clock in West New York, according to Joe Blaettler.

Blaettler, the president of ECPI, confirmed with Hudson County View that his company performed the investigation and questioned if the building inspector position was really needed in West New York.

He declined to comment on if he believed Fernandez should face disciplinary action based on the surveillance, also declining to reveal who hired him to perform the work – citing client confidentiality.

Town spokesman Pablo Fonseca said the situation is a “personnel matter,” with any hint of impropriety coming via unproven allegations.

“This is a personnel matter and our policy is not to comment on personnel matters, but if the (private investigation) company wants to file a complaint with the business administrator, they have the right to do that,” Fonseca said. “Right now, everything being said is an allegation.”

Fernandez did not return a call or voicemail seeking comment.

Editor’s Note: While Fernandez does not receive health benefits from West New York, he does receive an additional $5,000 stipend at the end of each year.

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  1. Another thief on the payroll, he’s guilty of theft of services . The attorney general should be notified . This guy knows where the bones are buried. He was the former Construction code official until Tom O’Malley got his job back for his wrongful discharge, and O’Malley never should of been fired.
    I’m sure this case is going to explode and people will be indited. The Mayor and commissioners owe the taxpayers an explanation .

  2. Scary part is Manny covers for other inspectors, in surrounding towns. Guttenberg and Secaucus to name a few. Prieto has to be wondering, how wide spread is this thing?

    More research reveals he sits on the Hudson County Board of Appeals. What a joke.

    Comments here and on other postings suggests he doesnt show up for inspections and just passes them.

    Who’s the other guy sitting on the bench with him? Is he an inspector too? Just how many employees schedule their work day like Manny?

    Come on Pablo. This is a no brainer.

    You suggesting that the investigator needs to make a formal complaint is just your way of weeding out who uncovered this theft of services so you can retaliate because Manny is obviously one of the chosen ones. And your lack of wanting to investigate this matter at all, just opened the door for all the employees to come and go as they please without any repercussions.

    Step aside Pablo and let the big guns handle this problem. Donald….. What are you going to do about this?

      • this looks more and more like a petty personal vendetta.

        O’Malley’s wife is good friends with this John Heinis.

        O’Malley is striking back at those who wouldn’t back him up at his reinstatement proceedings.

  3. Does he do this in other towns or does he choose to only steal time from WNY? This video states he went to Guttenberg (another town he works in) and North Bergen (the town he lives in) on WNYs dime. I don’t think working four hours a day entitles anyone to an approximate one hour breakfast break. This is called THEFT OF SERVICES. So, How many more inspectors do this? How many town employees do this REGULARLY? Why is this permitted? Does anyone know what’s going on in town hall? If the municipality chooses to ignore this, the State should be contacted. Manny works in many many towns and he covers for many other inspectors in their absence. If this video depicts what his typical workday is like then there may be a serious problem with the integrity of his inspections. The mayor and commissioners must investigate and take appropriate action against Manny, regardless of who he is friends with. Neglecting his duty to the public, which he is handsomely paid to serve, is unacceptable. Please follow up on this story John. This way we can see if the new administration will raise the bar or stick it to us once again.

    • Though I disagree with your opinion, it is covered by our First Ammendment. So I support your right to attack me. However, unlike Harrold Schroeder, whom I have vigorously debated on this forum and have honest differences of opinion on many issues – and he is a man for standing behind his words though I may disagree- you are a self-serving, narcissistic coward, Vinnie gumbotz who hurls insults only to cower behind a phony profile.

      • Patrick, I know Harold Schroeder he’s a gentleman , but you still haven’t answered the question about taking a job with the administration that you bashed everytime you got a chance . This is not an attack by me, it’s my opinion of your integrity.(. Sit and clap and keep your mouth shut . Your a disgrace.

    • We’re talking about a guy , ( manny ) not doing anything for his salary , putting in 3 hrs a day . 21 hrs a week for $ 82,000 a year . That’s theft of services . Don’t compare Vinnie Rivelli to Manny . Pablo your trying to take the heat off the elected officials . Your paying 2 people to do Vinnie’s job because you want him to quit , I got news for you . Here’s another big law suit and payout in the making . You people have no decency or integerity.

  4. Gina Miranda Diaz
    Part-time employee
    Salary 120,000
    Husband convicted felon of drug trafficking
    Ex Commisioner Manny Diaz of union city
    He also works Part time at north hudson community action corp .

  5. He does what he does because he’s allowed to. The people in charge look the other way.

    Just another example of the filth and corruption that runs this town. They all need to go. They all belong in jail. Just a bunch of lowlife garbage.

    John Heinis, please stay on top of this story, and please continue to investigate this and others like it.

  6. Moneygrubber Manny is ridiculous. Cuts corners on inspections or doesn’t do them at all. It’s no wonder a building hasn’t collapsed on his watch. . he does inspections for guttenberg and secaucus for his boss Vinnie Prieto. Speaker, I ask, how can allow this? his blatant disregard for the safety of residents insulting. I was there today. He was making a big joke how famous he is. What a set of ball$. I hear the plumbing guy, fat frank resigned today. More to come perhaps. Manny should be fired but reckless roque will probably give this jerk a raise. Hopefully with the Donald’s watchful eye this will be handled swiftly and justly. Otherwise there will be a free for all with the rest of the town hall employees. Please stay on top of this ….

  7. Nicky Lordo does the same thing for decades now… No Work but collects Checks.. Plus all family members have Town Jobs…Nicky Lord does keep the Town Union Employees quiet and in the poor house for his hard work and pay offs.

    • What does his daughter and her husband have to do with this? Ever meet them? Sit in her classes or watch her husband work his ass off? Obviously not. I have so perhaps you shouldn’t comment.

          • Without knowing the individuals or their work ethic, how can you comment? Being put in a position of power to satisfy one’s agenda is not what is happening here. Slandering them, who have small children, is wrong. It was unproductive to respond to such ridiculousness.

          • nobody is slandering anybody in this thread.
            Emma stated that his daughter is a teacher in NB.
            that is a fact, which you confirmed.

            oh, and there are plenty of qualified teachers out there.

  8. Listen. And listen to me good. Each and every Lordo who is employed by the public sector is probably stealing time in some way or another. From the worthless father, to the boobs on a bull of a mother, to the sneaky boys and the nasty girl. They all smile in your face while sharpening the knife. Each and every one of them. Don’t be fooled.

    Someone above mentioned that the father keeps the employees quiet through the union. That is correct. Be very clear. The Lordos take care of the Lordos. That’s it. They only do what benefits their family and to hell with all of you who are paying dues every paycheck to the CWA Local 1045. They DO NOT WORK FOR YOU AS THEY WOULD LIKE YOU TO BELIEVE. THEY WORK FOR THE ADMINISTRATION. and in return, they and their family members get taken care of. Ask yourself, How’s that farce of an election going? Good I bet! Make sure some one other than the current sitting members are in the room when they’re counting votes. The box is pre-filled when it arrives. Doesn’t anyone else see the conflict in that?

    Anyway. Back to the matter at hand. The inspectors. Manny has proven to be worthless and a time stealer. Why should his theft of services be forgiven because he is friends with and a subordinate to SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE Vinnie Prieto? WHY????

    Isn’t this theft of services similar to that of the North Bergen DPW employees? WHERES THE AG’s OFFICE? If the AG’s office files an official complaint with the business administrator Matt Watkins, would that suffice PABLO? Or are you still going to blow smoke up our a$$e$?

    More importantly, Do you think Manny is the exception? I think not. The plumbing inspector resigned the day after this story was released. What do you think that’s about? SO, Would it be so far fetched to believe that nick Lordo isn’t doing the same thing? I guess time will tell.

    In the meantime here’s an idea I present to Cmsr colacurcio….If the towns so broke like you keep saying why don’t you be fiscally responsible and fire the deadbeats? All of them.


  9. The validity of this statement is so accurate. The union does not represent anyone else other than their own. When daddy and mommy lords see their cubs about to get dragged down they both destroy anything in their way so their kids won’t be touched I hardly doubt they would do the same for all the town employees paying their salary. They’re all treacherous scum bags. Why hasnt manny been suspended. Why hasn’t the right thing been done? these are not allegations as Mr. Fraudseca says.

  10. Out of the first 27 to comment on this post, only 4 had the integrity to air their opinions AND SIGN THEIR NAMES. I thank you, John Heinis for reporting this important news item. In my opinion, commentors should post their comments either with their true identities or as ANONYMOUS. This forum should not allow personalities to masquerade as a distinct, false profile. Anonymous commentors have a right to call attention to perceived corruption but should have no right to attack, slander, or defame another(as do not non-anonymous commentors.)

      • Posting anonymously has nothing to do with integrity. There can be many reasons for doing so and fear of retribution is a valid reason in this town.
        We all know that the First Amendment is NOT alive and well in WNY, because the town’s mayor – besides being a two time accused felon – is a dictator who has no respect for the rights of citizens and does not tolerate the negative criticism he so well deserves.
        How is posting with a screen name any different from posting as “Anonymous”, and how can we distinguish one “Anonymous” from another?

        • You have just answered your own question “Watchdog.” One does have a right to post anonymously. And posting anonymously is certainly in order when calling attention to perceived wrongdoing, in conjunction with a perceived retribution. Ah, a ‘screen name’ instead of using one’s real name: I have no problem with that, provided one does not abuse one’s screen name. I am not saying you have. Others definitely have. Picture if you will, the kids game, Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots, where two kids get to box their opponent vicariously. This occurs here when two “screen names” go at it verbally. Hopefully its good-natured and civil. I don’t use screen names, because I was taught to be myself and treat others like I would like to be treated. Unfortunately some screen names here (not yourself) go on attack mode and hit below the belt. They attack folks like myself who chooses to use his actual name with inuendo, falsehoods, and mean spirited sarcasm, only to retreat behind their “screen name.’ That’s unethical.

  11. Patrick , I saw you at the last town commissioners meeting sitting up front applauding the administration. The same administration you ran against and cridasized anything and everything they did. Tell me Patrick what changed . The job , a real job where you can’t ask any questions and have to sit and clap at anything they do which includes the good, the bad and the ugly. You’re a sorry excuse for a man Patrick .

  12. Planning board; county committee; Hudson county board of appeals; Lots of close ties with the NB crew. NB is where manny’s two houses went on fire within two years!!!!!! What a horrible coincidence. You would think with the shitstorm brewing there, nick would cut this deadbeat loose. Do they really need another connection of theirs going down for THEFT OF SERVICES?