Despite uphill battle, Navarro still planning to oppose Cedeno for Union City freeholder seat


While it would be a massive uphill battle going against Union City Mayor Brian Stack’s political operation, local EMT Marco Navarro says he is still planning to challenge Fanny Cedeno for the District 6 freeholder seat.

Marco Navarro.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Yes, I am planning to run against Cedeno. I am currently gathering of team with qualified experience in running campaigns and already have a significant amount of supporters signing my petitions,” Navarro told HCV this morning.

A lifelong Union City resident and U.S. Marine veteran, Navarro said that he has nothing against Stack, calling him aa great mayor,” or Cedeno.

Still, citing West New York Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez’s May victory as inspiration, Navarro believes he has a lot to offer his community as an elected leader.

“… I know it will now be obviously difficult, but how can I back out now without even giving it a first try?,” he questioned. “I am not interested in dirty campaigning and dirty politics. I am a man of honor and respect and I will not degrade my morals and ethics to dirty personal politics.

“I respect the mayor for being a great mayor and a great person and I respect Cedeno for her courage and wanting to serve the community in office as well … I have always felt that I can do so much more for my community, not only within Union City but also at the county level and who knows maybe one day at the state level as well.”

Cedeno, an aide to Stack at both the city and state level, was unanimously appointed as freeholder by Union City Democratic Committee members on Monday evening.

She succeeds Tilo Rivas, who she had also worked for in the past, who did not seek re-election last year in favor of a successful bid to become the Hudson County surrogate.

All nine freeholders will be on the June 2nd primary ballot.

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