Cunningham, Chiaravalloti, McKnight urge bus company to keep Greenville route


State Senator Sandra Cunningham, Assemblyman Nick Chiaravalloti and Assemblywoman Angela McKnight, all of the 31st Legislative District, have sent a letter to the A&C Bus Corporation urging them to keep their route from Greenville to the Newport Centre mall. 

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Over the weekend, we learned that the # 4 bus line, which operates between Merritt Street and Newport Mall, will be shutdown effective March 2, 2019,” the three legislators wrote in a letter to the A&C Bus Corporation on Monday.

“This bus-line is crucial as it connects the residents of the Greenville and Bergen-Lafayette neighborhoods to downtown Jersey City.”

The company’s website uploaded a letter confirming that rumors of the No. 4 bus line being cancelled are true, providing little explanation.

“Attention passengers: Due to low ridership, Effective March 2, 2019, we will no longer be operating the No. 4 Line. Thank you for your patronage.”

In the letter, the lawmakers pushed back against the notion that the No. 4 wasn’t being utilized much.

“Your company has stated that the reason behind discontinuing this line is due to low ridership. This past Tuesday we (Assemblymembers Chiaravalloti and McKnight) rode the 6:50am bus to hear from commuters,” they wrote.

“On that bus ride there were well over 50 passengers on board – standing room only. For many of the riders, the #4 is the only option for transportation to school and work.”

They continued that discontinuing service to the Greenville and Bergen-Lafayette “would have a devastating impact on the community” since it the only direct connection those residents have to Downtown Jersey City.

“Again, we are urging you reconsider your decision. The livelihood of a large section of Jersey City relies on this single bus – cutting its operations would have unforeseen complications,” the letter concludes.

A man who answered the phone at the A&C office this afternoon said that they wouldn’t be commenting on the letter before immediately hanging up.

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  1. What insight do we have into all these bus companies? The one that runs the #119. or the #10 or this one? Whatever happened to the 99S? no way ridership was low on that bus. or the 55? or the 33? Are they required to provide data or get decisions approved?

    I feel like we have these unknown companies providing a public service, but not actually responsible to the public. I’m still not clear what role NJ Transit plays (because often the buses have NJ Transit info on the back)

    We’re held hostage by companies that don’t answer to us. Heck, JC doesn’t even have a single, comprehensive bus map (like the MTA has)

    Can anybody explain the real situation? (not a rhetorical question)

  2. So this city is forving the Greenville area to stay ojt of downtown is that it?? Youve gotta be kidding me .you already took thr 16,3 And the 99s? How many more ways can you say STAYOUT OF DOWNTOWN..absolutely sickening