Congressman Sires announces $24 million renovation of WNY Housing Authority


U.S. Rep. Albio Sires (D-8) announced a $24 million project to renovate all 715 units in the West New York Housing Authority this morning. 


West New York Housing Authority Executive Director Robert DiVincent said the renovations will cost about $34,000 per unit and that the funding will be through Federal Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program.

Meanwhile, Mayor Felix Roque offered heavy praise to Sires for making this project a reality.

Sires explained that the renovation announcement was today since West New York, along with the New Jersey municipalities of Passaic and Madison, was approved into the second round of the RAD funding program.

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  1. Great, good news for the residents of WNY however, what about all the state and federal violations of residents with disability to have asses to the buildings and to vote?, painting apartments every 3-4 years, denying candidates (Except Roque) the rights to place campaign material in front of the apartments. etc.

  2. How much is Divincent, Schroeder and Gioa going to Pocket from this.

    Pat Cullen you missed how Gioa and Schroeders kids are well taken care of over the years at the BOE and given titles not earned and $…

  3. Good point, Juan Espinal. When I pointed out to the Congressman this morning that The WNYHA is in violation of a Supreme Court ruling (Martin v. Struthers 1943)by denying us to drop off our campaigns literature or solicit the residents about our candidacies, he was silent.

  4. Albio Sires is as bad as Roque. We need to get rid of both of them. Hey, Sires, did you time this to make Roque look good?? I’ll bet you knew he was not eligible to run for mayor four years ago, didn’t you? What a bunch of phonies.

    To the candidates, stand your ground and solicit all you want. You have the law on your side.

  5. what a farce…why wasnt this done when Eoque took office? nothung like waiting till an election year to finally do somethung good for our town…as if its going to get you votes …stick a fork in him he is done

  6. Excellent work Congressman Sires. You have never forgotten the people of WNY. You have been the only elected official who has been able to get so much funding routed to the town of WNY. It’s great to see that Mayor Roque is working along side of you to continue the Progress you started under your leadership as the Mayor of WNY.

  7. Votedefino you must be new in town. Take a look at all of the park renovations done under the Sires administration, the construction of the new senior building Kennedy Tower, four new school buildings, the number of sidewalks and streets that were redone to mention just a few things Sires did for WNY without charging a penny to the taxpayers. I can tell you that because I am a taxpayer. Mayor Roque whether you like him or not has maintained stable taxes. To the taxpayer that is important.

    • Janeiro did you forget the deficit we were left with when albio abandoned wny for Washington. He borrowed money and didn’t pay it back and left the next guy to take the brunt of the tax increase. I will tell you that he was smart enough to get out just before he was going to get called it on the sham. And as a bonus he got to kill Vega all at the same time. He’s a crook take a look at how many people went to jail covering for him.

  8. Oh so now there’s focus for affordable housing. So close to elections. Well shame on the current administration that has done nothing to help low income families. They keep allowing for luxury housing because it generates money. Why not build more affordable housing for low income families. We are in need of that desperately.

  9. How about renovating the police department? I walked into the detectives office the other day because someone stole my identity and the place was a complete disaster. Just saying.