City of Bayonne honors clerk with key to the city, street naming for 40 years of service


The City of Bayonne honored their clerk, Robert Sloan, with a key to the city and a street naming at last night’s meeting – the last one he’ll preside over after four decades of service.

Photo courtesy of The City of Bayonne.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

At the meeting, Sloan received tributes from Mayor Jimmy Davis, former Council President Joseph L. Makowski, Public Safety Director Robert Kubert, Police Chief Robert Geisler, Fire Chief Keith Weaver, Chamber of Commerce board member Gail Godesky, and resident Mike Morris, among many others.

Kubert said that Sloan has sworn in approximately 1,243 police officers and firefighters during his four decades as City Clerk, prompting both Geisler and Weaver to present gifts to Sloan on behalf of their departments.

Additionally, Davis presented Sloan with a street sign, and advised him that
the passage road from 27th Street to 28th Street behind City Hall is being named
“Bob F. Sloan Way.”

Davis also gave Sloan a proclamation, a plaque and a key to the City of Bayonne.

Furthermore, Law Director Jay Coffey read resolution that designated June 6, 2019 as Robert F. Sloan Day and 3rd Ward Councilman Gary LaPelusa read a portion of a resolution from the state legislature also recognizing Sloan for his service.

In response to the fond farewell, Sloan said to a standing ovation that it was “an absolute joy” and “an absolute pleasure” to serve the Bayonne City Clerk

On May 30th, Deputy Clerk Madelene Medina will be sworn in as Sloan’s successor.. She will make history by being the first woman and person of color to serve in that position.

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