‘Career criminal’ with 21 prior arrests charged in West New York bank robbery


A “career criminal” with 21 prior arrests including six felony convictions, was arrested after allegedly robbing at least $8,000 from the West New York Capital One Bank, scuffling with police during the process, police said.


Maximo Morillo, 34, of West New York, was charged with first degree robbery, aggravated assault on police officers and resisting arrest, Police Director Robert Antolos said during a mid-afternoon press conference.

Antolos later told Hudson County View that Morillo has been arrested 21 times in the State of New Jersey, has six felony convictions and eight separate aliases that he uses.

The town’s top law enforcement official also commended the two citizens who notified the police, as well as the officers involved for using restraint during a difficult situation.

“I’d just like to comment the citizens for getting involved and the restraint used by our police officers, as they were chasing somebody who was reported to be armed with a handgun. In today’s day and age, they did use tremendous restraint and they did a great job without injury to anybody,” Antolos reflected.

Antolos also stated that authorities were notified of the robbery around 9:56 a.m. this morning and that Morillo turned out not to be carrying a weapon when he was detained.

“He was resisting arrest the whole time until I got enough units and we were able to arrest him,” added Police Officer Jerry Maury, who was working a detail across the street when the incident occurred.

Mayor Felix Roque, also the town’s commissioner of public safety, praised the department on what he felt was a job well done.

“I’m extremely proud of our police department, the quick action they took to apprehend the suspect without any incident … I’m deeply honored to be in your presence and I commend each and every one of you for such an outstanding job.”

Morillo does not have a court date scheduled as of today.

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