Business docs link Wainstein to Franklin Lakes address, camp says he lives in NB


Business documents filed for four separate businesses, one as recent as March 25, by North Bergen mayoral hopeful Larry Wainstein link the candidate to a Franklin Lakes address, but his campaign still says that he lives in North Bergen. 

Larry Wainstein

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The first business registration document, among the four released by Mayor Nick Sacco’s campaign this afternoon, was filed on March 25 of this year and is for 2500 Investment Corp, which is linked to a cash checking business in Union City.

Wainstein lists himself as the president of the domestic profit corporation, also using 841 Winton Gait [Lane] in Franklin lakes as his address.

A filing for United Laundromat Inc., which corresponds with the business “Superwash Laundromat 2,” according to the associated names portion of the May 13, 2014 filing, also lists Wainstein as the president under the aforementioned Franklin Lakes address.

Mella Investment Corp., which is linked to a West New York address on John F. Kennedy Boulevard – according to public records – once again lists Wainstein as the president of the domestic profit corporation under the Franklin Lakes address. This filing is also from May 13, 2014.

Finally, a business filing from August 29, 2013, for 3900 Laundry Corp., another entity associated to the Superwash Laundromat, again has Wainstein identified as the president of the corporation and the same Franklin Lakes address is listed for his residence.

This particular business has come under fire from Sacco’s team during this election cycle on two occasions, where they first claimed in March that the building did not have a proper certificate of occupancy, then yesterday revealing that Superwash Laundromat was issued a notice of violation for failure to obtain a CO.

Wainstein subsequently told Hudson County View in a one-on-one interview that his belief was that the business was “up to compliance.”

According to state law, a candidate must establish a residency in the municipality in which they wish to seek office for one year prior to the municipal election in question.

“Larry Wainstein can lie all he wants, but official business documents that he is required to file by state law can only tell the truth — that Wainstein lives in Franklin Lakes, not North Bergen,” said Paul Swibinski, Sacco’s campaign manager, in a statement.

“These documents confirm what North Bergen residents already know, that Wainstein is an out-of-towner who is only running for mayor so he can make millions for himself and his crew of criminals and ex-convicts.”

“Wainstein can keep lying about where he lives, but now he’s been smoked out and everyone can see for themselves that this is all a part of the long con he’s trying to run on the people of North Bergen, which will be over for good in one week when his campaign goes down in flames.”

Luis Gutierrez, Wainstein’s campaign manager, said Wainstein has never denied owning property in Franklin Lakes and “he is proud to call North Bergen his home.”

“The documents referenced are from 1999 when the corporations were formed. Larry Wainstein has never denied that he owns property in Franklin Lakes, among other places, but he is proud to call North Bergen his home,” he told Hudson County View via text message.

“If Larry didn’t leave here, Sacco would have taken him to court to challenge his candidacy. These attacks are coming from an individual who just yesterday referred to Larry and his supporters, many of whom are Latino, as a drug cartel.”

“If Sacco spent as much time managing our town as he did issuing pathological press releases, then the Attorney General would’ve carted off his girlfriend’s son for stealing from taxpayers through a no-show job given to him by Sacco himself.”

While all of the businesses’ initial filings were made in 1999, relatively recent filings corresponding with the dates above have been made as well.

Abraham Garcia and Walter Somick, two employees of the North Bergen Department of Parks and Recreation, were charged with falsifying timesheets by the state Attorney General last week after a raid in March.

However, neither was taken out of their homes in handcuffs as a result of the charges.

When asked why the Sacco team did not try to remove Wainstein from the ballot earlier this year, Swibinski told Hudson County View that the documents released today were just recently discovered and said it’s “better for the town long term” if Sacco defeats him head-to-head.

“We’re very confident of the outcome and it’s better for the town long term if we just get rid of this guy once and for all. Additionally, we just discovered these filings. We’ll let the people decide what’s best [for North Bergen] on May 12.”

Wainstein and Sacco have been trading political punches for months in anticipation of the May 12 municipal election, with the Wainstein camp announcing a voter fraud lawsuit against dozens of Sacco’s allies yesterday.

Although the state Attorney General’s Office has said there is no reason to provide injunctive relief in the matter, a court hearing on the matter is set for 2 p.m. tomorrow.

Al the business filings are listed as follows:

2500 Investment Corp.

United Laundromat Inc.

Mella Investment Corp.

3900 Laundry Corp.

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  1. It’s really disgusting how these crooks come to Hudson County to make their illegal millions because they know they can get away with it.
    This place is a filthy cesspool. If there were ANY decent, honest, ethical leaders in any of these towns, this wouldn’t happen. They’re all a bunch of filthy crooks. I feel dirty just living here.