Beatriz Wiley, Ernesto Vasquez & Gina Miranda-Diaz testify in voter fraud case


Beatriz Wiley, the wife of West New York Commissioner Count Wiley, Ernesto Vasquez and Gina Miranda-Diaz were among several witnesses who testified in a voter fraud case against the Wileys at the Brennan Court House in Jersey City. 


In the chambers of Judge Hector Velasquez, John Visconi, of Newark law firm McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, questioned Beatriz Wiley about a plethora of topics pertaining to her daily routine.

Questions revolved around where she sleeps, cooks and eats with her family, but also pointed to her 2013 federal tax return as a clear example that the North Bergen committeewoman lives in West New York.

After a long morning, Julio Morejon, the attorney representing Beatriz Wiley, called the tenants that live in the same North Bergen residence as her daughter, Katherine Cano – who also testified – that Beatriz frequents the property often and has a wide array of material belongings at the home.

Ernesto Vasquez, one of the plaintiffs in the case, was also called to the stand by Morejon and although he said he filed the lawsuit to make sure the residents of North Bergen and West New York were not being defrauded, he ended up agreeing with Morejon that Beatriz Wiley lives in North Bergen.

When questioning Gina Miranda-Diaz, Morejon pointed out that she did not have a clear definition of what a committeewoman’s duties are.

Joe Garcia, representing the North Bergen Clerk’s Office, argued that this suit wasn’t filed within the proper time frame, nor do the plaintiffs meet the parameters of who can challenge a candidate.

On the other hand, Visconi was adamant that Beatriz Wiley’s actions proved she was a loving mother and committed landlord, but there was no reason to believe she considers 1615 80th St. in North Bergen her home.

Velasquez did not make a ruling today and said he expects to do so on Monday morning.


  1. Thanks for covering this very important news story, John Heinis. Attorney Morejon did a great job to get one of the plaintiffs to admit that Mrs. Wiley lives in NB, and to get the other to demonstrate her lack of knowledge as to what the responsibilities of a committee person are. The NB Clerk’s counsel also helped the Wileys by asserting that the plaintiffs did not meet the criteria of who can file here, and that they filed too late, as well. If these plaintiffs are indeed Roque’s surrogates, he no doubt has started to realize that when he pointed his accusatory finger at the Wileys, three of his own fingers pointed back at himself.

  2. What is interesting, is that Mr Morejon who got a job by Sacco, outsmarting Brian Stack is helping Wiley. And we all know he was ordered by Sacco…. North Bergen does not want the Wileys upset because Papa Wiley will start talking. After all we remember when Grossi was indicted how quick Sacco fired the football coach to put in Czar Wiley.

  3. One can only imagine that whomever paid these two clowns to do this, is gonna want a refund ASAP. Epic failure. I do believe her made up, no show job at town hall is full-time, even though she only shows up periodically to make personal calls and for booking flights to California on the town computer. The rest of her time is spent making guest appearances at press conferences, crashing events she is clearly not invited to and avoiding her other no show jobs.

    Yet another deadbeat “friend” of this administration who costs WNY hundreds of thousands of dollars since 2011 with fake high paying jobs. It’s no wonder that she was compelled to attempt to repay the favor by doing crap like this. What an embarrassment.

    I’m pretty positive we haven’t heard the last of her story. There’s so much more to tell.

    Lastly, It appears that Pablo is slipping. This stunt clearly backfired. Or maybe, this was the plan all along. My bet is on the latter.

  4. What a couple of idiots these plaintiffs are, and what a waste of taxpayers’ money. As if anyone believes this was not set up by the hypocrite Roque. He wants to deflect attention from the fact that his running mate Susan Colacurcio does not live in WNY, and neither does he. What a disgrace! I wonder if the filth in this town will ever be cleaned up.

  5. Listen. It’s gonna be a split ticket. Let’s just hope that whoever wins they can put all their differences aside and really try to move WNY forward. Next to Felix, anything is better. I mean all one has to do is show up. He so concerned about his practice, he doesn’t really care that HIS overspending, HIS mismanagement, HIS neglect, HIS lack of integrity, HIS lack of leadership, HIS lack of experience, HIS reckless firings, HIS irresponsible hiring practices and HIS friend Silvio have made WNY the WORST it’s ever been. And the mess we are in was all done on HIS watch. He can no longer blame Vega. This is on HIM.

    So, say NO to Felix. On May 12th let’s give Felix what he truly deserves… His walking papers. Just say no. Not one more day.

    On May 12th when your walk in that booth to cast you vote, say these words to yourself and then do the right thing…


    • Excellent Points. The winning ticket, which WILL be a split ticket WILL work together to undo the mess you correctly point out was created by a pain management doctor who has left his constituents in much pain over his gross mismanagement.

  6. How come Many Diaz, convicted of drug dealing and other crimes, can work for North Hudson Community Action were he is in charge of federal funding?

    • It’s the same Julio who walked away from Felix when he began pressuring him to do things Julio knew to be unethical. Face it. The problem is Felix. Not Julio, not Beatriz and not even the two puppet plaintiffs (although their motivation to bring this suit is a totally different story).

      Its all on Felix.

      ROQUE? NO WAY.

  7. The common denominator here is ANYONE BUY ROQUE… Spread the word to your family, friends and neighbors that it is perfectly acceptable, allowable and ENCOURAGED to vote for ANY 5 candidates, in ANY order. You DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT HAVE TO VOTE THE ENTIRE COLUMN. So for example, one could vote for Cullen, Sanchez, Cirillo, Hernandez and Defino and that would be perfectly acceptable, or Wiley, Rodriguez, Espinal, Guzman and Betancourt and that would be fine OR ANY VARIATION THEREOF. No bombs would go off. No one would be burned at the stake.


    God is great and God Bless America!!

  8. Half of you retarts don’t live in Town and the other half don’t have a clue as to what’s going on. The Mayor has been doing a great job and has never been stronger then he is now. And as for a split ticket, NEVER happen, he has set up a great ticket with people who actually care about this Town and have LIVED in it forever. GREAT POLICE, GREAT DPW, GREAT TEACHERS, and for the first time a Grade A Bond rating. Let’s keep this winning streak going COLUM C ALL THE WAY.

    • “The mayor has been doing a great job” is a completely inaccurate statement especially when you take into account the mayors attendance record at monthly town meetings, the mayors office and events. He’s very busy with surgery ALL OF THE TIME. In fact roque hasn’t done much of anything except screw it up. You, Juan, have no idea what you are talking about and while I won’t be nearly as insensitive as you with the name calling, your comments and beliefs about roque lead the readers to believe that you lack basic education and common sense.

      That being said, while most people have no issue with the other four candidates of Column C, I think most people agree… Stick a fork in roque. Because he’s done.

      Vote for anyone but Roque.

  9. The only place you will find Roque is at fundraisers. He disses commissioners meetings because he doesn’t want to answer questions. He dissed the candidates forum to be held on April 30th for the same reason, and did not even have the decency to reply. This is someone who cares about this town??? Gimme a break.
    All he cares about is getting reelected so he can continue to screw this town and its people as he has been doing for 4 years, and enriching himself and his cronies. Column C = Corruption.

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