Bayonne police swears in 13 new officers, 4 who are transfers from sheriff’s office


The Bayonne Police Department swore in 13 new officers on Thursday, four who are transfers from the county sheriff’s office and nine who are new to law enforcement. 

Photo courtesy of the City of Bayonne.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The new officers are Nicholas Lawson, Jonathan Hall, Ryan Maloney, Christopher Lennon, Karol Kruczyk, William Gardner, Jr., Jerome Bunin, Michal Kucza, Sean Crowley, Matthew McMonagle, Jocelyn Turley, Miguel Ramirez, Jr., and Jason Arnone.

“Now you join the ranks of a brotherhood and a sisterhood like no other,” said Mayor Jimmy Davis, a retired police captain.

Additionally, Public Safety Director Robert Kubert said that the officers who had no previous law enforcement experience have just finished six months of training at the police academy.

Speaking on behalf of the city council, Board President Sharon Nadrowski said to the new officers, “I am confident that you will serve with honor and distinction.”

Furthermore, outgoing Police Chief Drew Sisk explained to the new police officers that they would “learn this job by doing this job.”

He also advised the new recruits “learn your craft and do it with pride.”

New Bayonne Police Officer Christopher Lennon’s father, John Jay Lennon, was a Port Authority police officer who died while on duty on September 11th, 2001.

In recognition of this, Christopher’s badge has his father’s number, which was pinned on by his mother, Patricia.

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