Bayonne Police Department TikTok is a fraudulent account, police chief says


A TikTok account with about 18,900 followers depicting themselves as the Bayonne Police Department is fraudulent, Police Chief Robert Geisler said.

Screenshot via TikTok.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The Bayonne Police Department is in no way affiliated with these videos. I would like to thank the many members of our community who took the time to notify the the Bayonne Police Department of these videos existence,” Geisler said in a statement.

The Bayonne PD also indicated that the officers on the account, which has nearly a million likes despite only posting six videos, are not members of the department.

They also said that “it appears an egregious song was dubbed on previously recorded TikTok videos from the Police Officers’ accounts.”

Back in January, Gov. Phil Murphy (D) banned TikTok from state devices, citing cybersecurity concerns that have since been investigated by Congress.

However, he said last month on New 12 that he was not ready to implement an all-out statewide ban of the social media app, though reiterated concerns that the Chinese government could use TikTok to conduct surveillance.

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