Bayonne Police Department swears in 11 new officers at City Hall ceremony


The Bayonne Police Department swore in 11 new officers at a City Hall ceremony yesterday, in an event attended by several dignitaries.

Pictured left to right: Mayor Jimmy Davis, Police Officers Adam Krzeminski, Christopher Bergalowski, Robert Borawski, Brendan Carr, Adam Losonczy, Matthew Francis, Marcin Chojnowski, Mark Johnson, Ernesto Naveed, Sean Nally, Police Chief Robert Geisler, and Deputy Chief Joseph Scerbo. Missing from photo: Police Officer Adam Podwysocki. Photo courtesy of the City of Bayonne.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The new officers are: Adam Krzeminski, Sean Nally, Mark Johnson, Marcin Chojnowski, Christopher Bergalowski, Ernesto Naveed, Matthew Francis, Adam Podwysocki, Brendan Carr, Adam Losonczy, and Robert Borawski.

“I understand what you’re going to go through over the next 25 to 30 years,” because police officers often miss family events, began Mayor Mayor Davis, explained that the new officers will be “running towards problems, not away from them.”

A retired police captain, Davis called the Bayonne Police Department “one of the best police departments in the world.” He described the position of police officer as “a job of passion.”

Police Chief Robert Geisler told the new officers that their training is not over and would continue. He called police work “the best job in the world” that will provide them with “a front row seat to life.”

Councilman-at-Large Loyad Booker, another retired police officer, and Councilman-at-Large Juan Perez, a former Hudson County sheriff, also attended the event.

At the ceremony, Rev. Dorothy Patterson offered the invocation and the benediction. City Clerk Madelene Medina administered the oaths of office.

The Bayonne Police Department Honor Guard and the Bayonne Police Pipes and Drums led the entrance procession. The Pipes and Drums played Irish and Scottish tunes.

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