Bayonne OEM: 395 COVID-19 cases, 17 deaths, 70 recovered – asks for proper glove disposal


The Bayonne Office of Emergency Management said in their daily COVID-19 update that there are 395 active COVID-19 cases, 17 related death, and more than 70 recoveries – also putting out a public service announcement asking residents to dispose of gloves properly.

“We sadly announce the passing of another Bayonne resident, a 61-year old female, due to Coronavirus-related illness. Mayor Davis extends his sympathy, on behalf of all of Bayonne, to the family of this woman,” OEM said this evening.

In their PSA (embedded above), they indicated that the improper disposal of gloves and face masks is not just unsanitary, but unsafe.

“As most of us are wearing gloves and masks, it is very important that you dispose of these items properly. Do not throw these items on the ground, besides making Bayonne look dirty, it is unsafe.”

In his bi-weekly video update, Mayor Jimmy Davis credited the resiliency of his constituency.

“Even though this is one of the biggest challenges we ever faced, you aren’t backing down now. Keep fighting, don’t give up hope, because we will be rewarded for it in the end.”

This afternoon, the New Jersey Department of Health announced that there are now 58,151 COVID-19 cases and 2,183 deaths statewide, including 6,851 cases in Hudson County and 183 fatalities – the third most in the state by county.

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