Bayonne man caught with cocaine after police respond to his apartment due to a kitchen fire


A Bayonne man was caught with cocaine and other related drug paraphernalia after police responded to his apartment due to a kitchen fire, authorities said.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Tysean Malone, 42, of Bayonne, was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance (cocaine), possession of CDS with the intent to distribute, possession of CDS with the intent to distribute within 500 feet of public housing, and possession of narcotic paraphernalia with the intent to distribute, according to Police Capt. Eric Amato.

Malone was taken into custody at around 2:51 a.m. Saturday from the area of Kelly Parkway. Officers responded to an apartment complex on Kelly Parkway on a report of a smoke condition.

Upon arriving on scene, the officers observed smoke billowing from a window located on the first floor. After forcing entry into the apartment, later determined to be that of Malone, they were met with a working fire in the kitchen from unattended cooking.

Malone was found asleep on a couch in the living room and was evacuated along with several other residents of the building’s apartments. While inside, officers observed in plain view a quantity of crack cocaine and narcotic paraphernalia used to distribute narcotics.

He was subsequently placed under arrest and charged with the narcotics violations.

The Bayonne Fire Department was also on scene and successfully extinguished the fire before any further damage resulted and no injuries were reported.

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