Bayonne honors Mike Hurley for donating Twin Towers steel for 9/11 monument


The City of Bayonne honored former World Trade Center Mike Hurley for donating a piece of steel from the Twin Towers for their 9/11 monument.

Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“We held a ceremony in front of city hall yesterday to honor Michael Hurley, who was the former Fire Director for the World Trade Center,” Mayor Jimmy Davis wrote on Facebook.

“Mike was instrumental in securing a piece of steel from the Twin Towers for our 9/11 Monument in front of city hall. #neverforget #BayonneStrong #WeAreBayonne The City of Bayonne[.]”

At Wednesday’s ceremony, Fire Chief Keith Weaver said that as part of the preparation for the memorial, the city sought a piece of steel from the WTC.

After being told that there was no such steel available, Hurley “made a few phone calls,” and was able to obtain a piece of WTC metal for the municipal monument.

While city had planned an unveiling of the memorial on September 11, 2021, supply chain issues overseas delayed the unveiling until April 2022.

Davis noted that Wednesday’s ceremony was “our way of getting it right” for overlooking Hurley’s crucial involvement during last year’s ceremony.

To that end, the ceremony ended with the unveiling of a plaque in Hurley’s honor at the foot of the September 11 memorial that stands in front of City Hall.

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