Bayonne Health Department employee passes away from coronavirus, mayor says


Bayonne Health Department employee Maureen Ciolek has passed away due to complications from the coronavirus, Mayor Jimmy Davis announced this evening.

Maureen Ciolek. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Today, we lost a big part of our Bayonne City Hall family to the COVID-19 virus,” Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis wrote on Facebook.

“Maureen Ciolek, a woman who was well known and loved by those who worked with her at 630 Avenue C and whose smiling face was seen by hundreds and hundreds of people each day as she sat in her office in the Health Department, died this morning and we are all stunned and deeply saddened by her passing.”

According to Davis, she began working at City Hall in 2010, starting in the mayor’s office, before making her way to the municipal court, then finally the Department of Municipal Services – which many people refer to as the health department.

“It was in her position with the Health Department, however, that most people came to know her because her desk faced the busiest hallway in the building,” the mayor also wrote.

“Nobody, and I mean nobody, said ‘hello’ to more people — friends, co-workers and strangers —during the work day than Maureen did. And every single hello from her was accompanied by a warm smile and a friendly wave or nod of the head.”

The mayor added that Ciolek came to work early and left late, with her husband Kenny picking her up and dropping her off. Unfortunately he is now in his own fight with the virus.

“Please say a prayer for Maureen and remember that, more than ever, Kenny and the entire Ciolek family need our support, comfort and prayers to help them get through this incredibly hard time.”

Earlier today, the Bayonne Office of Emergency Management said that there are now 239 active cases of COVID-19, and nine deaths (prior to Ciolek’s passing), and approximately 20 fully recovered patients.

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