Bayonne Fire Dept. promotes 2 new captains: their 1st woman and 1st Cuban-American


The Bayonne Fire Department promoted two new captains, their first woman and 1st Cuban-American to achieve that rank, respectively, on the same day that they added 16 new firefighters.

New Bayonne Fire Captains Cailin Brodel and Raccys Pozo. Photo courtesy of the City of Bayonne.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

During today’s ceremony, Bayonne Fire Chief Keith Weaver called it “a historic day” before explaining the accomplishments of Cailin Brodel and Raccys Pozo.

Weaver explained that the promotions were “based on merit,” coming from competitive Civil Service tests, as well as that captains normally have eight to 10 years of service when they assume that rank.

By comparison, Brodel earned the rank within six year and Pozo did so in seven years. Weaver added that the fire department was making history for the second time this week:  for the first time ever, there are two women in the newest crop of firefighters.

Pozo was appointed to the Bayonne Fire Department on April 8th, 2013. He has been assigned to Engine Company No. 3 for his entire career. Pozo and his wife, CoriAnn, are the parents of three children.

He is also a graduate of the St. Barnabas School of Radiation Therapy.

Meanwhile, Brodel was appointed to the Bayonne Fire Department on August 18th, 2014. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics at Boston College and a bachelor’s degree in Nursing at New York University. She is also the daughter of Nancy and Dennis.

Both new captains have certifications in Haz Mat Tech, Structural Collapse Tech, Trench Rescue Tech, Rope Rescue Operations, and Confined Space Operations.

“All of us our proud,” said Mayor Jimmy Davis, later noting that the BFD “is in great hands.”

At a separate event on Friday, the 16 new recruits were sworn in with the same dignitaries on hand.

“We are lucky to have you,” begin Council President Sharon Nadrowski, later noting they have become part of a fire department that is “second to none.”

The latest members of the BFD are Olivia Whitney, Maria Del Carmen Guzman, Joseph Coughlin, Anthony Duran, Kyle Martinez, Joseph Smith, Michael Lojewski, Dylan Wasielewski, Nicholas Leyva, Joseph Bunin, Brian Olsen, Tyler Hubeny, Brandon Kuhl, Dean Raslowsky, Peter Jimenez, and Michael Troglio.

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