Bayonne cuts the ribbon on new tower for 3 bells that used to ring at St. Joseph’s Church


The City of Bayonne cut the ribbon on a new tower for three bells that used to ring at the former St. Joseph’s Church during a ceremony at Fitzpatrick Park last week.

Photos courtesy of the City of Bayonne.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

At the ceremony on Thursday, Mayor Jimmy Davis said that Bayonne was “moving forward”
and “preserving its past,” adding that “we are not going to forget your church” when addressing former St. Joseph’s parishioners.

Department of Public Works Director Tom Cotter told the audience that the bell tower project “was not a one-man job.” He thanked Davis, the city council, and local property developers for assisting with the effort.

Specifically, he expressed gratitude to Joe Bolowski, of Control Services; Rich Picerno of Picerno-Giordano Construction; Doug Gefvert, of Verdin Bells; Rob Russo of CME Engineering, Business Administrator Donna Russo, Chief Financial Officer Donna Mauer, Public Works Superintendent Joe Cannarozzo, as well as his DPW staff.

Additionally, former City Council Presidents Joseph L. Makowski and John Halecky, both former St. Joseph’s parishioners, addressed the crowd.

Makowski expressed sadness about the passing of St. Joseph’s Church and also said the occasion of the ceremony was “such a happy day” and that the return of the church bells
“brings a smile.”

Furthermore, Halecky said that he was “probably the oldest member of St. Joseph’s,” and
that he had been a member for over 80 years. He said the church provided “over 100 years of memories,” recalling one of his own where he pulled the church bell chords.

The ceremony ended with a ribbon cutting and the sound of the bells playing
Christmas music.

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