Bayonne council president says she was intentionally left out of livestream of 9/11 ceremony


Bayonne Council President Sharon Nadrowski says she was intentionally left out of the livestream of the city’s livestream of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 ceremony on Saturday, something she asserts has become commonplace in recent months.

“There is no doubt that was done intentionally, Edoardo Ferrante of OEM was the one filming and he always intentionally leaves me out of all posts,” Nadrowski told HCV today.

The 21-minute, 31-second ceremony was streamed on the Office of Emergency Management’s Facebook page and the camera cuts away just before the 12-minute mark when Nadrowkski begins speaking, panning to the police and firefighters standing in uniform at the ceremony – which was in front of the firehouse next to City Hall.

The camera goes back to the podium just under two minutes later to catch Councilman-at-Large Juan Perez in mid-speech.

In a lengthy response, Ferrante appeared to be flabbergasted with the accusation, noting that Facebook Live isn’t part of his job description, is the only recording the city has from the event, and that Nadrowski could have easily set up her own if she was so inclined.

“Doing a Facebook Live video is certainly not in the job description of the OEM coordinator, but I do these things for our city and the people in it. I thought it would be nice to film it for the people that couldn’t attend in person,” he said.

“It is sad that someone is that petty, that they are going to attack someone volunteering their weekend because of a perceived missed photo op. Most of the things that I have been doing take me away from my family and friends. If this individual wanted to be featured at this event, she could have easily done her own Facebook Live or had someone shoot her speech.”

The council president indicated that “remembering the victims of 9/11 and their families is which is important, not a video” after hearing Ferrante’s take.

Nadrowski is a potential challenger to Mayor Jimmy Davis next year, though she has not announced her plans ahead of the non-partisan May 2022 contest.

She has recently opposed Davis on utilizing eminent domain to acquire the Bayonne Medical Center property and led a charge to have a resolution approved to probe the separation agreement of a former assistant business administration.

Ferrante, commonly referred to as “Junior,” was appointed to his post by Davis in March 2016 and is a staunch supporter of the incumbent.

He had been named as a defendant in a gender discrimination suit filed by Business Administrator Melissa Mathews in April, but was one of three dismissed from the suit by a judge last month.

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