Bayonne BOE trustee, teachers union president get heated over contract


Bayonne Teachers Association (BTA) President Alan D’ Angelo challenged the school board on a resolution providing employees “not represented or covered by a collective bargaining agreement” a 2 percent salary increase and health coverage – yet the union still doesn’t have a teacher’s contract.


“I’ve been negotiating for a year. I can’t get two percent for the teachers, at maximum? How can the board pass this with no problem at all?” questioned D’Angelo.

“These people don’t even have steps, they go right to maximum and get two percent on top.”

During deliberation Trustee Chris Munoz explained why he was voting against it.

“This is hard because there are a lot of great people on this list, but at this time, I cannot vote for income increase while the BTA does not have a contract.”

This past March, the board offered the union a four year contract with a 2.5 percent increase the first year, three percent for the second and third years and a 2.5 percent on the fourth year, according to Trustee Mikel Lawandy.

Trustee Mikel Lawandy reminded D’Angelo, “our last was offered 2.5,3,3,2.5.”

“But that is not on our salary base. You need to understand what you are doing!” exclaimed D’Angelo.

“Yes, but the offer was 2.5, 3, 3, 2.5,” repeated Lawandy.

“It does not translate to their salaries,” interrupted D’Angelo.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. Their salary is going up to two percent: my maximum salary is not going up to two percent. It is going up zero.”

According the resolution, effective July 1, 2010, that “attendance personnel shall reflect longevity:”

After 15 years through 20 years of service: $1,350

After 20 years of service: $1,870

After 25 years of service $2,490

The resolution also offers full-time employees, who started their employment by July 1, 2007, medical and dental health coverage. These employees are also able to extend the coverage to their families through COBRA.

The measure passed 7-2, with Trustees Barry Kushnir and Chris Munoz voting against.

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