Backed by Cunningham, Hoboken’s Giattino kicks off re-election bid in the 6th Ward


Hoboken 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino formally launched her re-election bid for a third term last night, with 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham present to vocalize his support.

“She’s incredibly energetic, she’s very smart, a real problem solver, she’s been a real teammate of mine for the last eight years – who’s counting right?,” Cunningham said during brief remarks in front of a crowd of around 50 people at Moran’s Pub last night.

“The 6th Ward and the City of Hoboken has been very fortunate to have her as their advocate,” he added, before introducing Giattino to loud applause.

Cunningham has been largely out of the public eye since announcing he would not be seeking re-election about a week-and-a-half ago, but anyone that was expecting him to remain firmly on the sidelines between now and November looks like they’ll be disappointed.

Coming out the victor in two daunting contests in both 2011 and 2015, Giattino is hoping for the same result in November when she takes on Cristen Cricco-Powell, who is backed by Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

Once a close friend and ally of Bhalla, those days appear to be mostly over as he and the councilwoman were never able to mend fences in the aftermath of a brutal 2017 mayoral contest.

Despite those facts, Giattino kept her comments positive among friends, family and supporters ahead of what promises to be another barnburner in the 6th Ward.

“I am so thankful that my family knows how important the community is and how important building community is – and that I think speaks to this room. Just take a look around and what better community we have. We have people in here that I’ve known for decades,” she stated.

“People that I’ve known for less than a year. People that have lived here for decades, people that are new to Hoboken: all of you have such a wide range of issues and concerns and a lot of them don’t overlap at all. But, what we all share is that we all want to build a Hoboken that we can all be proud of to call home.”

Other dignitaries in attendance included 2nd Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, 4th Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos, former state Senate Majority Leader Bernie Kenny, Hoboken Housing Authority Chair Dave Mello, ex-HHA Chair David Denning, former Council President Carol Marsh, ex-Board of Education Trustees  Irene Sobolov and Theresa Minutillo, North Hudson Sewerage Authority Commissioner Kurt Gardiner, among many others.

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  1. Where does Jen come down on the subject of bloggers who think using c***, piece of s*** a classless cur to describe Megan Rapinoe? Would she use a blogger who harbored such misogynistic thoughts? Would she agree with him that it’s just free speech, even for someone running for office, and anyone who doesn’t like it is guilty of PC Totalitarianism?

  2. Yes, it is expected a Republican would back a Republican, even if the latter doesn’t publicly advertise it. (shrug) However, should there be support when there are political machines in action for the candidate from outside the community?

  3. It will be be a difficult battle for Councilwoman Giantinno to keep her Council seat as she was unable to win her own 6th Ward when she ran for Mayor. A large block of voters in the 6th Ward live in Church Tower and have never been her supporters and will likely not vote for her in November. Many of those who were listed as attending her campaign launch are not residents of the 6th Ward. Conspicuously not on the list of attendees was 1st Ward Councilman DeFusco.

    • Is Michael Russo going to deliver those votes for the New Old Guard Ravi ticket?
      Or maybe he’ll get them to make himself Council President. Then Ravi will learn what happens when you get into bed with Russo Clan.

      • I don’t think that anyone would have to deliver any Church Tower votes to any other candidate as Giatinno has with good reason never been liked in Church Towers.

        • And Cricco Powell who attended ELITE PRIVATE Manhattan Schools is like in Church Towers?
          We all saw some of the bigoted posts on election night and the names a few choice CT residents were posting about Mayor Bhalla

          • Fisher’s approved blogger and his ever shrinking group of haters has frequently attacked the residents of Church Towers using his usual disgusting bigoted terms. Giattino has shown herself repeatedly to be Fisher’s puppet.

            Fisher’s designated blogger created a racist, bigoted and disgusting composite picture of Mayor Bhalla and even when that picture when internationally viral for it’s hatred. Giattino and Fisher remained silent, highlighting their highly selective, self serving ethics and morality and willing to wallow in the horse manure they encourage.

    • You think Bhalla is divisive how about me in 2018 pushing Tiffany Fischer off a Democratic Chair to put myself on instead. Using the lies of Nora on top of that. One phone call from Ravi and I am there to do his Mayor’s bidding. There is not anything I won’t do to get elected.

  4. Nice tribute from the Reform Movement’s elder statesman Peter Cunningham for the City Council President Jen Giattino. Ok, how long before Ravi Bhalla’s political operate Hate Squad shows up with new/old conspiracies? You know when the stupidity gets going about Peter Cunningham being there, that blows up the last looney tune conspiracy.

    • It will happen before there is any coverage of Ramos and Defusco’s ELEC violatins and VBM hauls on Hoboken Horse. But that’s not saying much, he’s not allowed to mention it. Vision Media will get mad.

    • They’ve already shown up here. Lots of lies and BS since their, “Cunningham is distancing himself” lie fell flat on its face hard. They have to do something to counter the massive turnout in the pouring rain in support of Giattino. Packed room with LOTS of 6th warders, not dignitaries, just regular folks….oh and did I mention that they vote.