Attorney: Son of West New York mayoral hopeful a victim of police brutality


Steven Betancourt, the 32-year-old son of West New York mayoral hopeful Carlos Betancourt, was a victim of police brutality in the Hudson County town last week, according to his attorney, Mario Blanch.



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    Looks like he resisted to me.

    No Doubt he did not want to be arrested and fought with the PO’s.

    Son will be a loser like his father it appears.

    Great job by the WNY PD!

    • Were you there? No. So shut the f*** up. And do not compare him to his father especially since you don’t know him.

    • Nicole d thinks she’s the queen of west New York make her mayor lmfao :8) steven wasn’t suppose to be arrested in the first place west New York cops should stop hanging out with the real criminals instead of causing stupid drama to hide the real problems and allegedly they sleep with minors too

  2. Thanks for reporting this very important story, John. May justice prevail. And may there be reconciliation.

  3. Nicole D his father is a respect well know great man which I had the pleasure of having him in my life since I was lil…

  4. Nicole D his father is a well known respect retired West New York Police officer… And he deserves to be mayor… So quick to judge without knowing… You should gain more knowledge and use less interpitation….

    • “Nicole D his father is a well known respect retired West New York Police officer… And he deserves to be mayor… So quick to judge without knowing… You should gain more knowledge and use less interpitation…”

      Well Respected PO? Deserves to be Mayor?… Sorry not in my WNY or anyone’s!

      No One Deserves to be Mayor!!!!!!

      And his kid did resist! Period!!!

      The Video don’t Lie!

      Seems he takes after his Mom and does Not respect Authority and wants to be son of a King or the Boss?

      .. No Betancourt West NY! This family wants the Power and we see Lies to us with a great Video say otherwise!

      Great Job WNY PD!!!!!

  5. all I can say to you is that I hope your child is involved with the same injustice one day … that’s enough.

  6. Hey Nicole D I don’t know where you get off calling my father a loser when you really don’t know him. As a parent and a daughter I know that what our children do doesn’t always reflect great on the parents but that doesn’t mean that they were not raised correctly. Unfortunately what my brother did or did not do reflects horrible on my father but I won’t sit here and let someone bash him. My father is a respectable family man who served the town for 34 years. Loser, he is far from.

  7. This has to be a joke. There are thousands of clips on yt of cops using people as punching bags. This guy was clearly resisting and the cops in no way used excessive force.

  8. Give me a break! The WNY police dept. has been corrupt for years! Why was he even being arrested? Looks like excessive force to me!
    Anyway, I could tell everyone first hand that his father didn’t care for him and never was there for him when he needed him, and if he wasn’t around for his own son, I doubt he’ll be around for the citizens of WNY. I wouldn’t vote for him at all!

    • Carmen we can tell he’s not your brother… My son did not. We can tell your stepfather’s politicking is what’s important to you not my sons well being and brutal abuse. It makes me sick.

      • Teresa you don’t know me so just an FYI I can care less about politics. Steven is my step brother and I’ve always referred to him as my brother and always tried to help him anyway I can. Again you don’t know me and you definitely don’t know how I feel about what happened.

    • thank you for understanding and actually knowing the truth of the history. If there is anything wrong with this case you understand what it is.

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