As Hoboken council vote looms, Gardiner still pushing for NHSA appointment


Hudson County View spoke with Hoboken’s Kurt Gardiner about why he wants to be appointed to the North Hudson Sewerage Authority early this afternoon outside of the city’s Shop Rite.


Many expected prominent developer Frank Raia, a member of the NHSA board for over two decades, to get re-appointed to his seat at Wednesday’s city council meeting, but Gardiner has made things a little trickier by submitting a NHSA application last week.

Gardiner, a former freeholder candidate, said he wants to sit on the board to help address Hoboken’s flooding problem, as well as to ensure more transparency on the board.

He also believes that Raia potentially has conflicts with the NHSA due to business dealings he has with Frank Leanza, legal counsel for the board.

Gardiner concluded by stating this has nothing to do with plotting a future run for office or any other type of ulterior motives.

The city council will vote on Wednesday to appoint a NHSA board member from February 1, 2016 through February 1, 2021.

Further complicating the matter is that Brian Assadourian, whose term doesn’t expire for two years, has also submitted an application for Raia’s seat.

The North Hudson Sewerage Authority, located at 1600 Adams St. in Hoboken, is a wastewater agency that maintains the sewer collection system for Hoboken, Union City, Weehawken and West New York. Raia declined to comment while Assadourian did not immediately return a call seeking comment.


  1. You heard it here, “Gardiner has nothing to do with plotting a future run for office or any other type of ulterior motives.” 🙂 Readers, beware of bridges for sale.

  2. MelB- I said me seeking this appointment has nothing to do with any future office I may decide to seek. Truth is I only applied for the Sewer Board seat. You said in a previous post that I have not done anything for the greater Hoboken. i disagree and me applying for this board on my part shows a desire to contribute even more.

    I may consider running for Freeholder in 2017. It depends on a variety of factors. If I don’t get this position I will consider other ways to get involved. There are serious issues to address and squirrel autopsies are not at the top of the list.

    Have a nice day.

    • Ignore the reflexively contemptuous Melissa Blanco. She doesn’t give any thought to her words so there’s no reason for you to do otherwise.

    • Did you actually post that comment after Gardiner was appointed??? Oy vey indeed

      On a positive note I think I have a lady for you if you are in the market. How would you feel about dating a fellow 3 am commenter who hates anything the Mayor does? Must love dogs, Terry C and insanity

  3. Oy, not sure what time you posted this spectacularly wrong comment, but by the 10:07 timestamp, Gardiner had won 8-1.

    Do you now….

    1) Take a beat and consider whether your self-satisfied “they all suck, just watch” attitude needs to be revisited in light of events … or …

    2) Come up with a narrative in which your complete misjudgment of the outcome only proves that you were even more right than you’d imagined previously.

    I’m going with #2.

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