Art House’s ‘Cocktails Under the Stars’ only open to vaccinated guests, unvaccinated offered refunds


Art House Productions’ annual “Cocktails Under the Stars” fundraiser tomorrow is now only open to guests that received the COVID-19 vaccination, with potentially unvaccinated guests offered the chance for a refund.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“In order to attend Cocktails Under the Stars, we are requiring that all attendees be vaccinated. If you have purchased a ticket and are unvaccinated, we are asking you to stay home and we will refund your ticket,” Art House wrote on their website today.

“If you fall into this category, please email us ASAP at to let us know and we’ll process the refund immediately.”

The web update, which also says that the event is sold out, says that vaccination cards or photos of the cards will be checked at the door for admission (though photos can be sent to the email above for expedited entry).

Additionally, face masks are required upon entry, inside the elevator, and in the hallway while guests make their way to the rooftop terrace.

Art House describes the annual event, where tickets sold for $75 each, as ”¬†a¬†glamorous midsummer party with specialty cocktails, wine, beer, and hors d’oeurves.”

Additionally, the 501c3 non-profit outlines their mission as “to engage, inspire, entertain and challenge audiences with highly intentional visual and performing arts programming; provide arts education to promote lifelong learning to diverse communities; and celebrate the essential power of the arts to illuminate humanity.”

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  1. Since it’s already data confirmed with the jabbed super spreader Provencetown event those vaccinated shed high viral loads and act as an incubator of the virus; this is the ugliest virtue signaling. It’s the latest ignorant example of how white leftist elites discriminate against blacks and Hispanics who are the groups least electing to get jabbed.

    This is needlessly discriminatory, not based on data and evidence but spread through hate speech. It’s not based on science but manipulation and misinformation. Ugly.