Archdiocese of Newark holds West New York prayer vigil for people of Cuba


The Archdiocese of Newark held a West New York prayer vigil for the people of Cuba on Sunday, which included Auxiliary Bishop Manuel Cruz and Cardinal Joseph Tobin participating in the service.

All who spoke during the bilingual service prayed that the people of Cuba are delivered from oppression and given the freedom, dignity, and basic human rights they deserve according to the Catholic faith.

“The Cuban people, helpless as they are, are being massacred by the tyranny of the Cuban regime,” Cruz said.

“Today, we say ‘Enough is enough’ to that genocide. We need to break the silence and be heard … The blood of the innocents shed in the streets of Cuba cries to the heavens for justice, and we cannot be deaf to that voice. ”

Numerous community members also made their presence known, loudly cheering and applauding throughout the vigil.

Many waved flags and carried signs with messages like “Free Cuba Now.”

After the service, hundreds of people marched through the streets of West New York in a show of support for those suffering under the Cuban regime.

Auxiliary Bishops Gregory J. Studerus and Michael A. Saporito, as well as Bishop Kevin J. Sweeney of the Diocese of Paterson, along with and dozens of clergy from throughout the Archdiocese of Newark and the Diocese of Paterson, also participated.

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  1. Have the fifth column communists here put a plan in to shut or burn down the churches?
    Ravi Bhalla is really quiet. Guess his BLM Marxist brethren prefer it that way.