Arango names Sokolov as new executive director of Hudson County GOP


Hudson County Republican Party Chair Jose Arango has named Pavel Sokolov as their new executive director, succeeding Daniel Beckleman who is now the municipal GOP chair in Aberdeen.

Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Pavel has been instrumental in growing the Republican party throughout Hudson County. Thanks to his contributions our county committee membership has grown in number as well as the recent surge in registered Republican voters,” Arango said in a statement.

“His leadership will be key in ensuring strong Republican turnout in Hudson County this November and beyond. Pavel has experience in building bridges between neighbors and reaching across the aisle to advocate for the needs of Hudson County’s residents. We are excited to see him do the same on behalf of our candidates.”

Sokolov is currently the executive secretary of the Hoboken Republican Party and the New Jersey Young Republican treasurer.  He is also a former president of the Hudson County Young Republicans.

“I am excited for this new opportunity to further my commitment to the people of Hudson County and to ensure that Republican voices are no longer marginalized but represented in every decision-making conversation,” he added.

“We will build on recent victories like the election of Marcos Arroyo in West New York, and continue to advocate for responsible spending, resident focused policies, and a genuinely inclusive county and municipal government.”

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  1. Look at this clown… nice artwork Trump puppet!
    Did you ever think to ban tasteless art?
    After your club’s recent obsession promoting banning of adult age books with drawings of penises they turn to truly vile art

      • Campos: Convicted ( Was Supported by Hoboken Republican Chair for Mayor )
        Garcia: Indicted ( Former BFF of Joe Branco- Garcia’s Consigliere )
        Soares. Not in office
        Russo Father Convicted / deceased. Son Michael is council ( Is Supported by Hoboken Republican Chair for Mayor )
        Cammarano Convicted ( Was Supported by Hoboken Republican Chair for Mayor )
        Janiszewski Convicted

  2. I could not find a picture or any info about Republican running against Menendez Jr. Who will be our next force choice? Republicans need to at least try, stop the coronations.

    • They aren’t really concerned about elections, they are using their positions with hopes to broker favors with access.
      Ask anyone who owned a restaurant about them…
      Former top aide to Carmelo Garcia and campaign coordinator for Peter Camaranno… Really not in it for good deeds….