Aqueduct break leaves Bayonne residents without water for most of Thursday


An aqueduct break in Kearny left the entire city of Bayonne without water for a significant portion of Thursday.

Jeff Meyer Bayonne


By Katherine Guest/Hudson County View

According to city spokesman Joe Ryan, United Waters and the  Municipal Utility Authorities had crews on Central Avenue near routes 1 & 9 repairing the broken 30-inch water main in Kearny. Residents had a limited water supply after a back-up water line connection from Jersey City was initiated.

The rupture happened at about 1 p.m, hours after an unrelated water main break near Linnet and 46th Streets in Bayonne.

Before 4:00 p.m., Bayonne residents were advised water pressure would slowly be restored throughout the evening, before full working water was restored around 10:30 p.m. last night.

Furthermore, the Hudson County Office of Emergency Management provided the city with a back up water supply in the event of a worst case scenario.

Mayor Jimmy Davis noted yesterday that a 24-hour boil water advisory is in effect as a safety precaution.

Davis tweet

Ryan clarified with Hudson County View that the water boiling advisory will be in effect until tonight.

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  1. The water is far from “flowing” in Bayonne. If the aqueduct was “completely fixed” sometime after midnight on Saturday, then why do I (along with several neighbors) have absolutely NO WATER whatsoever? David Johnson must have taken a swig of the water. He is trying to paint a pretty picture that would suggest United Water is proactive and quick to resolve issues such as these. But the mere fact that we are still without water FOUR DAYS LATER only demonstrates that the City of Bayonne and UWOB is ill-equipped and unprepared to handle city-wide emergencies. I have NEVER lived in such a po-dunk, ass backwards city in my entire life. Demolish it and start over.