After 20 years in office, Hoboken Councilwoman Castellano again seeking re-election


Hoboken 1st Ward Councilwoman Terry Castellano, who was first elected in 1995, is seeking another term in office. Speaking with Hudson County View, she discussed her opponent Mike DeFusco, the NJ Transit Rail Yards, the Washington Street redevelopment and much more. 


Castellano, who was first elected as part of “The Turn the Tide Team” on May 9, 1995 – while her cousin Anthony Russo was mayor – said she is always prepared for election season at this point in her career, briefly touching on her opponent this time around: Mike DeFusco (who Hudson County View spoke with earlier this week).

Speaking inside her City Discount store at 207 Washington Street, Castellano said as far as issues affecting the 1st Ward goes, she agreed with DeFusco in that the NJ Transit Rail Yards should be a top priority, likening it to the development on the southern waterfront.

She also acknowledged that driving down Washington Street “is like a circus ride,” advising residents to take the back roads if possible while the major roadway is being redeveloped.

Hoboken’s longest standing elected official also stated that garbage pick-up is another quality of life issue that needs to be improved, entertaining the fact that moving the municipal garage may be a good idea – though it will take some long term planning.

Furthermore, Castellano, also the cousin of 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo, said her family was always “service-oriented” and like DeFusco, used to serve on the zoning board – factors which contributed to her seeking office in the first place.

Finally, she concluded by stating she plans on running a positive campaign based on her track record.

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  1. There should be term limits for any political office for the OBVIOUS reasons. Yeah I know we elect them but the public is dumb as cinder blocks. They vote because the person is a certain minority or female etc. They vote if the see that name over and over without knowing the issues or background.

    • What are you talking about? This article is about long serving horrible councilwoman Castellano. Does Mayor Zimmer pay you rent for all that space she occupies in your head?