Abbey’s Pub & Grill in Downtown Jersey City faces uncertain future


Abbey’s Pub & Grill, a popular dive bar and hookah lounge in Downtown Jersey City, faces an uncertain future after Chief Health Inspector Happy Boor pulled their food license for allegedly violating the Smoke-Free Air Act.


Abbey Tarei, owner of Abbey’s Pub & Grill in Downtown Jersey City, sat down with Hudson County View to discuss his business crisis following Jersey City Chief Health Inspector Happy Boor pulling his food license on Super Bowl weekend for allegedly violating the Smoke-Free Air Act.

The interview started with Tarei explaining the bar’s business structure – specifically the separate corporate filings for the pub and grill – and his recollection of what happened on January 30, 2015, the day his license was pulled, as well as the financial hardship he’s incurred since.

Tarei, whose business predates the Smoke-Free Air Act, questioned why it took nearly a decade – and over a year under the Fulop Administration – for his license to be pulled for hookah smoking by Boor, and whether the city’s actions were legal.

In addition, Tarei questioned the “Jersey City Make it Yours” marketing campaign under Mayor Steven Fulop, and accused the city of deliberately sabotaging his business.

When speaking about the damage to his business, and the families of his workers, Tarei demanded Fulop rectify the situation.

Jersey City Spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill declined to return an email seeking comment on this story.

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  1. Looks like he has good legal grounds here. He made some very valid points. I smell something. I smell a LAWSUIT! Good luck though. The City has deeper pockets then this poor dude. I hope your story changes things for him. Thanks for publishing it.

    • I apologize if i didn’t clearly state my case before. But as the law clearly states anyone that was in business as a Hooka lounge or ciger lounge prior to 12/31/04 and generated 15% or more of its total annual gross income from the on site sale of a tobacco products would be granfathered .The Jersey City Health Department has recognized Abbey’s as being a Hooka since the law has been enacted . Please refer to smoke free air act c.26:3d-59 exceptions.

  2. If you go forward with your lawsuit abbey, pls start a gofundme account to help with your legal fees. Let the people know what the mayor and city is doing, fight this and dont let them win. They have an agenda, and are trying to bully people that have been around longer than fulop and his goonies have.

  3. This place is a complete dump. I walk past every day and I’ve never witnessed such an unsanitary premises. The corner of Monmouth and 3rd is filled with more cigarette butts, garbage, liquor and beer bottles scattered than anywhere downtown. You would think they could place an ash tray can outside and clean up outside once and a while. Hire some people that know how to do their job. Perception is reality and there nothing inviting about this place whatsoever.