7 years later, Hoboken Mayor Bhalla still fighting ethics complaint filed by Belfiore


Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla is still fighting an ethics complaint filed by longtime political opponent Perry Belfiore over seven years ago, vowing to appeal a recent decision made by the state local finance board.

Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla (left) is still fighting an ethics complaint filed by longtime antagonist Perry Belifiore over a council vote that occurred nearly eight years ago. Belifiore screenshot via Ustream.
Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla (left) is still fighting an ethics complaint filed by longtime antagonist Perry Belfiore over a council vote that occurred nearly eight years ago. Belfiore screenshot via Ustream.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Bhalla, a two-term councilman-at-large before being elected mayor in November, received a notice of violation from the New Jersey Local Finance Board on November 13th, 2017.

” … The Board … concluded that voting in favor of a resolution providing for the continued legal services of Paul Condon, Esq. while he shared a lease agreement with Mr. Condon constitutes a direct or indirect financial or personal involvement that might reasonably be expected to impair his objectivity or independence of judgement,” wrote LFB Chair Timothy Cunningham.

The letter also states that Bhalla is entitled to an administrative hearing within 30 days of receipt of the notice and the $100 violation has already been waived by the board.

Rob Horowitz, a spokesman for Bhalla, denounced the decision as a “nakedly political decision by the Christie Administration.”

“Mayor Bhalla is appealing this nakedly political decision by the Christie Administration. This complaint has already been dismissed by an Administrative Law Judge on the merits as well as reversed by the Appeals Court back to the Local Finance Board because they made their initial ruling without even a quorum,” he said in an email.

“This was a routine and non-controversial Council vote, which would have passed no matter what Councilman Bhalla did. He voted based on the advice of the City’s Corporation Counsel that there was no conflict. We are confident he will prevail again on appeal and this baseless claim will be finally dismissed once and for all.”

Cunningham is a Christie appointee who is also the director of Local Government Services, a branch of the state Department of Community Affairs. Christie’s last day in office was January 16th.

Furthermore, the decision came down six days after Bhalla was elected mayor

Belfiore, a former 5th Ward council candidate and also ex-housing authority commissioner, insists Bhalla never told city officials the whole truth about this matter.

“The City of Hoboken is defending Ravi Bhalla from a lie he told the City of Hoboken. I’m going to insist the council do not approve the city to continue to defend Ravi Bhalla since he was never forthcoming about sharing a lease with Condon,” Belfiore said over the phone.

This complaint all the way back to May 10th 2010, when Belfiore filed a complaint against Bhalla over a February 17th, 2010 unanimous vote by the city council awarding Condon a $29,000 contract for special legal services.

In October 2014, an administrative law judge called the complaint frivolous and dismissed it, but the local finance board reinstated the complaint in December of the same year (h/t NJ Advance Media).

Additionally, Belfiore received a $51,000 settlement from the city last year after being escorted out of the October 21st, 2015 council meeting by police.

Bhalla was the council president at the time and urged Belfiore that he could not speak about a private citizen, in this instance Stan Grossbard, former Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s husband, during the public portion of the meeting.

Belfiore did not heed the warning and was ejected from the meeting before his five minutes was up.

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  1. This is old news. Ravi is the greatest thing since an $80k Super PAC. While Trump’s approval rating is around 40% Ravi only got 32.75% of support in the last election. With such underwhelming support us Ravi Bots need to stick together blogging, bloviating and bashing our enemy into hyper partisan submission more than ever.

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  2. We can already see what kind of mayor Ravi is going to be — hide behind paid political PR guys to cover up the fact that he likely lied about a conflict….to get a friend a job. It’s kind of like the odd fact that Ravi’s law firm had a contract with the city a year before race got a job.

    What’s really sad is that Ravi will continue to hide behind good liberal causes, to hide all his quid-pro-quo — he is an EXCELLENT politician.

  3. I am shocked to see the new blog has gone the way of The Hoboken Journal, the old blog is promoting Old Guard narratives it used to be there to debunk, and that anyone is pretending to be resisting anything except “Unelectable” proving them wrong.

  4. I just read through all the comments on this thread and couldn’t identify a single coherent substantive thought. It is easy to get angry about the ravings of the small number of troubled souls responsible for much of the strange and nasty commentary, but in truth they harm nobody but themselves so there is no reason to be angry. I feel nothing but sadness for their troubled souls. The pain they feel is real. I hope some day they each receive the the help they need be it spiritual, medicinal or whatever.

    The same cannot be said for elected officials whose actions have real consequences to the community they serve.

    • I think it’s sad that Ravi is not being worshipped. I think it’s sad that anything critical of Ravi is brought up at all. I think it’s sad that I live in exile in JC but still care so much about Hoboken. I think it’s sad I cheerlead personal attacks on my political enemies. I think it’s sad that I am a liberal wimp who is in a bubble of butt hurt ness yet I use that term obsessively. Mark my words. I am important. I am very sad. I forgot my Voltaire quotes.

      • Like I said – it’s sad. I really wish that instead of proving my point with another rant you would take a moment to reflect. There are plenty of resources available to help you but it’s up to you to accept that you have a problem and take advantage of them to get better.

        Do you have a friend you could confide in? That might be a good first step. Sometimes sharing your pain with a confidante, even one without professional training, can help you see things more clearly and you toward a better place.

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