23-year-old Jersey City BOE candidate seeks to improve graduation rates


Asmaa Abdalla, a 23-year-old Jersey City Board of Education candidate who is a product of the local public schools, wants to focus on school suspensions and graduation rates.


“One of my main concerns are school suspensions, I believe they have increased rapidly and I don’t believe that it’s necessary to suspend a student for bad behavior. Instead we should be implementing other changes for example giving them community service hours,” she explained in a one-on-one interview.

Abdalla considers school suspensions as counterproductive to a student’s education and recounted her experience in Liberty High School when she was sent home and “spent the day watching TV.”

Getting students involved with their schools, instead of sending them home without school work, would help increase graduation rates, the young candidate believes.

Abdalla also criticized Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) school fairness formula as one of the factors “affecting our resources and causing our graduation rates to decline.”

“Our community, we are lower level income. We need this money for our students,” she said.

If elected as a trustee in November, she would also like to work on the financial disparity between charter schools and public schools.

Running independently, the young candidate believes that as a graduate of P.S. 27 and Liberty High School, she understands firsthand what is needed to improve these schools including its facilities, bullying and “students with issues at home that is reflected on their academics and self-esteem.”

Most importantly, as an independent, she reassure that voting for a teacher’s contract is priority and for the best interests of educators.

Abdallah is one of 11 candidates seeking a three, three-year term on the board in the November 8 general election.

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  1. She will soon discover that there is more to our failing schools, then crooked boe honchos lining their pockets. Such as struggling middle class, courtesy of fulop’s Wall Street handlers.

  2. Dear Asmaa, let me enlighten you a bit here. Jc provides millions and millions tax freebies to Wall Street investors every other Wednesday after 6pm. You would have known it, had you ever lifted your butt and came to council meeting. To balance the books, fulop rips off middle class from Greenville and the heights, and all the other suckers throughout the state via Abbott. He is running out of other people’s money, and end of the rope is near. Why poor taxpayers in cape may have to pay for their own schools and subsidie maintenance of water fountain for dogs in van vorst? Two of them, complete with full time maintenance crew. Van vorst area is poorest of the poor in entire New Jersey, according to Abbott list. Fulop uses Abbott status to keep this racket running, and it is not fair.

  3. If we are honest with ourselves, the jury is still out on our multicultural experiment and this, its hottest cauldron. J.C. is a fine example of modern self imposed enclaves, struggling for finite resources. This adversity has existed since the advent of life on the planet. Biological imperatives are encoded in our DNA and can not be indoctrinated away. The investment in the myopic vision of race and bronze age religion will only further fracture this heterogenous society. It is a distraction from the true challenge, class struggle. It can only be ameliorated from pausing migration and a cessation of population growth.
    The age of shame and correctness is dying. The left vs right paradigm is no longer relevant. The passion of advocates is directly proportionate to their ignorance of both sides. Once we abandon the childish romanticizing of foreigners through their culture and food, we should become vigilant defenders of the enlightened ideals of our founders.