2 weeks after fire at neighbor’s house, Bayonne family still displaced


Two weeks after a fire at a neighbor’s house, a Bayonne family remains displaced due to water damage at their home and is asking the community for assistance in the matter.

Photo via GoFundMe.
Photo via GoFundMe.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Carol-Ann Chrzanowski-Carreno started a GoFundMe page on April 20th and are hoping to raise $6,000 as her family patiently waits to be allowed back into their home.

“They are still monitoring the home for mold and still drying it out. So for us it is still day by day. They will not start to rebuild our rooms until it is completely dry and they are sure that mold is not present,” she wrote in a page update today.

“Unfortunately the weather is not helping. Please keep us now your prayers and pray that this will be over soon.Thank you all for reaching out to us and donating we appreciate the more then you could imagine.”

A three-alarm fire destroyed a West 26th Street home on April 18th, initially displacing 17 residents, per PIX 11.

Her initial post explained why her family is struggling, revealing that they do not have rental insurance. While the landlord is responsible for the repairs, they remain displaced in the meantime.

Chrzanowski-Carreno appears to live with her husband and two daughters, based on a picture posted on the page. The GoFundMe effort has currently raised $1,800.

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