161 fully vaccinated and 119 unvaccinated COVID-19 cases in Hoboken since June, mayor says


Since June 1st through early this evening, the City of Hoboken is reporting 161 fully vaccinated residents, along with 119 unvaccinated residents, with confirmed cases of COVID-19, though no vaccinated residents were hospitalized, Mayor Ravi Bhalla said.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“For the 288 total cases from June 1 through August 16, 161 have been attributed to those who have been fully vaccinated, 119 unvaccinated and 8 partially vaccinated,” Bhalla said in a Nixle alert earlier this evening.

“No Hoboken resident who has had a breakthrough case has been hospitalized, providing continued evidence that the vaccine is extremely effective at preventing severe illness or death, and is literally saving the lives of Hoboken residents on a regular basis.”

He continued that there are currently eight people being treated at the Hoboken University Medical Center, which includes four residents and all of those patients are not vaccinated.

In his June 22nd Nixle alert, the mayor said that no coronavirus cases had led to a hospitalization in 30 days, with a July 7th update indicating it had been nearly 45 days since an infection required treatment at the CarePoint Health-owned facility.

Additionally, the July 24th Nixle alert said that the HUMC had no COVID-related hospitalizations to report, with seven patients reported at the HUMC on August 9th, including four residents – all of whom were unvaccinated, according to Bhalla.

Citing the Delta variant, along with concerns about the high number of senior citizens that would be in attendance, Bhalla announced last week that their annual Spaghetti Dinner Block Party would only be open to vaccinated attendees.

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  1. So now the mayor’s office is “packaging” the reported cases so it doesn’t look so much like a 50-50 split between the two groups as in the previous reported cases. Well, when does Ravi start shipping off the one group to the camps? We all know he’ll sign on the dotted line.

    • Hey “Janice” I’ve got a math question for ya. If 80% of a population is fully vaccinated and that fully vaccinated group represents only 55% of infections, is the vaccine reducing the infection rate and if so by how much? And if none of the 8 people hospitalized were from that 80% vaccinated group, how effective is the vaccine against severe illness?

      I heard you did really well on a math high school regents exam 50 or so years ago so this should be easy for ya!

      • Hey Lindastan, stick to the simple truth with raw numbers and actual evidence and data based science. Jabbed or not, infections and transmissions occur for everyone. Yes, it’s that simple except it’s the jabbed that are incubating variants. That’s more science to look up. How will you back the racist discrimination by Ravi and DeBlasio with their totalitarian passport actions showing disparate impact against minorities?

        I heard you might find that problematic. Well if you’re not a regressive Nazi.

    • One would think some former political bloggers would move on with their life after such financial desperation and loss from being sued, a failed “GoFundHorsey” by the 2nd Ward Republican and everyone avoiding the guy like the virus…
      Even COVID is avoiding that guy

  2. For intelligent people without a political agenda, which necessarily excludes Janice, the news reflects the very consistent, very positive pattern reported nationally.

    Namely, while the covid vax does not prevent breakthrough cases of the far more contagious delta form of covid-19, hospitalizations are extremely rare for the fully vaccinated. Including in this story, where the 4 hospitalized residents were unvaccinated.

    In fact 99% of fully vaccinated people nationwide have avoided hospitalization due to delta. A remarkable record of success.


    But Janice, who is dishonest to the core, can’t accept the story for what it is and the broader national context it confirms. So, like all intellectually lazy internet buffoons, she quickly pivots to nazi (or communist – the Janices don’t really care) camps to conclude because she is incapable of honest or intelligent arguments based on the data provided.

    But here’s a sure fire way for “her” to raise some much needed funds since she is known not to have had a real job in a very long time. Get candidates to pay her NOT to endorse them in the coming mayoral and council-at-large races on her dead blog. Because just like dismissing all the readily available data on vaccinations, she is the kiss of death.

    • So we’re going to overlook the declining vaccines’ effectiveness requiring a third “booster” as a new solution. Because the old solution isn’t actually stopping infections as was claimed and the side effects which are not ever truthfully told are yet unfolding.

      The suppression of effective treatments was justified by the “noble lies” of Dr. Fallacy, attached to the hip of Big Pharma so they (and he?) could reap record billions in profits while Americans needlessly died. So experimental drugs could be issued an EUA with unknown long term health outcomes and keep inexpensive, safe treatments away from Americans like Ivermectin being successfully used as both a prophylactic and treatment in studies around the world. How about we talk about that readily available data which is withheld and censored from the public by the FDA, Big Tech and and other corrupted groups like the corporate media in these United States?

      • No one is overlooking anything. Just dealing with your lies, disinformation and strawman arguments one at a time.

        The idea of a vaccine needing a booster shot is not new.
        The idea of a virus spawning variants that partially thwart the original vaccine is not new.

        Pretending it’s all a vast global conspiracy is new. And exceedingly dumb. That’s why you’re the right clown to promote it.

        • You don’t deal let alone address anything. You just follow the party line. You can’t address the points people are making because it’s all about following the party for you.

          It’s not only Americans fighting for their God-given liberties. People are fighting all over the world against anti-science mandates. Americans are fighting back and will take their cases to court. Hospitals will fire essential employees who choose “my body, my choice” over your experimental drug pushing. It will become a bigger problem as people will stand up for their rights. Of course you wouldn’t have a care about any of it. You keep coming back and getting your ass handed to you. You can’t make any coherent argument. You don’t have one other than serving your paymaster Ravi.

          • You literally said nothing of any relevance there.

            Nothing about CDC statistics – which point to very clear conclusions about the efficacy of the vaccines and the plight of the unvaccinated. Nothing about vaccinated people not winding up in the hospital due to delta. Nothing about the immutable laws of nature which produce viruses and variants of viruses which people of science battle with vaccines and boosters and adapted vaccines – all of which in this case have been extremely effective.

            You just prattle on with the usual patriot porn which shows that your intent all along was political propaganda rather than anything to do with data or science. So thanks for being accidentally honest about that.

          • Of course Americans and people around the world standing up and fighting for basic human rights has no relevance for you. You’re a Nazi.

            You want to prattle on about the Cult of the Dead Cow liars who get caught lying as often as Dr. Fallacy every other week. The noble lies to destroy basic human rights, an attack on the Nuremberg Code on every basic human right. No one has to subscribe to your party fealty and anti-science, anti-intellectual indoctrination here.

            Many Americans are fighting back against this experimental drug being forced on them and they see through the overwrought heap of lies. Those most in the know are not taking it and atop that list are Phds. Those with Phds are the most hesitant and will avoid allowing anyone to put a needle in their arm and unleash a drug with no track record of clinical trials over any objective testing cycle required – in years.

            Nurses are being fired today because the refuse to take an experimental drug. Maybe they know more than you. Maybe they are not mindless drones, obese haggard cows who know a bit about balancing risk and rewards. Maybe they know first hand the side effects and the CDC data is just more lies.

            You don’t have any interest in actual data, evidence and science. You love censorship, and submission to your fascist left racist lunatics like Ravi and DeBlasio. You want to celebrate fascist left control over everyone’s life. It’s your religion. We don’t have to listen to more BS, lies and your insistence the government owns our bodies. We will not comply.

          • Plenty have seen the child abuse of your endorsed “strict regimen” and know it’s like you, nothing but kaka. Anyone who puts a child at risk with a dangerous drug injection over a virus they easily fend off is a child abuser. Ravi’s paid political operatives are garbage.