Wiley joins ‘concerned citizens’ in protesting controversial Meridia project


Commissioner County Wiley joined a few dozen West New York residents gathered at the vacant lot across from The Versailles building to protest the controversial Meridia project that has been in front of the town zoning board for over two years.


Wiley, who has routinely voted down board appointments and opposed the project during the same time frame, and some of his West New York United running mates came by to support the residents.

Joshua Breakstone, the leader of the town’s Concerned Citizens movement, said the project violates just about every zoning law in the book.

Although the future of the project remains undetermined, as a vote was not taken on the project at Wednesday’s meeting, Breakstone said he felt it was important to get the word out on the project before Election Day as certain candidates running, such as Wiley and Patrick Cullen, adamantly oppose the 13-story project.

Rihanna Briceland echoed Breakstone’s sentiment on the matter. Additionally Cullen, called into question the parking ramifications that go along with the Meridia project.

Town spokesman Pablo Fonseca said all development in town must follow the master plan guidelines and that the mayor has no say in how the zoning board votes.

“The town of West New York, for the first time in 60 years, prepared a master plan with numerous forums for public input. There is a master plan in place and the town has to follow the guidelines of the master plan.”

“The zoning board is an independent board that makes it’s own decisions. The mayor supports responsible development that benefits everyone in town from children to senior citizens.”

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  1. Thank you, John Heinis and your Hudson County View for covering this important issue. While I do sense that Mayor Roque is aware of the pulse of our neighborhood on this issue and am cautiously optimistic that this application will not succeed, the history of this developer’s first application being initially approved by a zoning board found by a judge to have two members with conflicts of interest shows that this board has not always been independent on Mayor Roque’s Watch.

    Patrick Cullen
    WNY Commissioner Candidate Row F
    “Our Town is not for sale ”
    May 12,2015

    • Mr. Cullen I have always admired the work that you do for town, but please tell me why you are parading around with Column D. If you have some time please take a look at the newest article on HCTV so that you may see first hand what that ticket is all about…I hope you do not condone that behavior Mr. Cullen

      • In shock,
        Thank you for your supportive words on my behalf. I understand multiple tickets were aware of the protest you refer to. Commissioner Wiley has attended sone of the zoning board meetings in question. While these allegations are serious, I must wonder. why Ms. Hernandez waited until four days before an election to air them? What I directly know to be true is that Hector Hernandez is a friend and has always been truthful with me.

    • Fonseca,

      Both you and Roque have dodged the question pertaining to his legitimacy to have run for commissioner in 2011. One can only presume that he is guilty and you are uncomfortable with the truth (what’s new).

      Roque is by far and away the worst mayor in NJ history. No one could have screwed things up worst than you, him, gil, and demarco. Not even Scarinci could handle you morons. And he has the patience of a saint.

  2. Concerned Citizens group represents exactly what its name implies – a group of concerned citizens who care about the quality of life in this town, and who care about seeing that the laws are upheld. It does not claim to represent the town.
    Stop making stupid comments, Kevin Peralta, when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Concerned citizens is a fake and a fraud. An election year gimmick to make Wiley look as if he has traction in WNY which he doesn’t. Time for that punk to go back to North Bergen

      • FYI, Concerned Citizens has been around for four years, to fight the Meridia project. You don’t know what you’re talking about. It has nothing to do with Wiley.
        Pablo, why don’t you go back to HCTV. There are more posts that you need to delete that are critical of Roque.

      • I am a member of Concerned Citizens, since near its founding. It is not a front group for Commissioner Wiley. He just happens to be more receptive to its aims than Mauor Roque.

        Patrick Cullen
        Column F
        Our Yown is not for sale
        Commissioner Candidate

      • Mr. Fonseca,

        Roque was caught at his real home in Guttenberg about a week ago.

        In 2011 he was voting from his Union City medical office.

        He is the furthest thing from being west new York and so are you.

  3. What that he would be a terrible mayor? Have you watched that moron in action during commissioners’ meetings? What an ass. The veins on his neck bulging out as he yells? You call THAT mayoral material? Give me a break. He isn’t even from WNY. And the idiot driving his van around is another N. Bergen plant. In fact I saw that blue van parked in N. Bergen. On top of that you have that other idiot Hernandez. The Jersey Journal wrote about his run ins with the law a couple months ago. No, you can stick ticket D up your you know what.

    • Mr. Fonseca,

      It’s been 4 years and that idiot Roque can’t answer a single question pertaining to the budget.

      I wonder why there hasn’t been a commissioner’s meeting since March.

      This is an embarrassment to anyone that believes in you people.

      • Roque has dodged the commissioners meetings just like he dodged the candidates forum. He’s a coward who can’t answer questions because he has no answers.

        Is anyone is this town so foolish and uninformed as to really vote for him?

  4. Wow! The Roque controlled HCTV is guilty of censorship, besides abusing a woman!!!
    I read the story that poster “In Shock” referred to and wrote a comment.
    They deleted my comment because I touched a nerve. I posted again but I don’t know how long my comment will stay up. So I’m posting here because I know it will not be deleted. John Heinis is not a censor; he is a responsible journalist.

    I posted on the story about a candidate’s wife that if the woman was indeed victimized by her ex-husband – and I have no way of knowing if she was or not – she is again being victimized for political reasons by the slime in the Roque Administration.
    How disgusting that they will stoop so low as to use a woman to smear the opposition just a few days before the election. As if any of them really give a hoot about her!

    Did anyone in the Roque Administration do anything to help her in the past? I doubt it. What convenient timing that this story gets printed at this time, by HCTV, which is controlled by Roque or someone close to him. We know that it was taken over right after Scarinci came on board and doesn’t even resemble a news medium anymore. How disgusting that they don’t even believe in free press and freedom of speech and they use to media to stifle criticism. Just like they tried to do with the sign ordinance. Disgusting!

    Roque knows he cannot run on his record of the last 4 years, which is one of abuse and corruption, so he resorts to filthy tactics of obscene cartoons and now using a pathetic woman in a smear campaign against the opposition. He and everyone involved with him is dirt and just about as low as you can get.

    People of West New York, don’t you see how disrespectful this is to all of us? This is a mayor who spits in our faces. If he were any kind of a man he’d show some character. Wake up, fellow WNY’ers!! Say NO to Roque!!

    • Just STFU watchdog. Hudson County TV has gotten a whole lot of comments concerning wife beater Hernandez. You come running here with your tail between your legs because you are basically a coward like the rest of the D team.

      • Like I said, I hit a nerve and the Roque people like you can’t stand it, so all you do is attack with idiotic comments. LOL.

        If you can’t take the heat, get out of the fire. And go back to HCTV, the one sided, non-free press website, where they censor all criticism. Stop spamming this website with your dirty mouth and your stupidity.
        This is a decent, serious news website, where people can read ALL the news and readers’ comments are not deleted because they criticize the corrupt mayor.
        HCTV deleted six of my posts for being critical of the Roque Administration. If you want to live in a dictatorship, go back to Cuba and take Roque and Acosta with you.

      • Mr. Fonseca,

        If you cannot carry on a civil conversation, might I suggest airing your grievances out in that cesspool of a Facebook group known as Team Roque 2015.

        Show some respect and pretend the 100K a year the town pays you is actually worth the money.

  5. Can anyone tell us if the attorney and architect are “The Pereiras Twins” Manny and Bianca Pereiras? We are just curious if these co-founders of Victor Coca’s PAC are involved like so many other questionable WNY zoning approvals.