West New York teacher stands up for educators, rips new BOE trustee


West New York School No. 3 math teacher Zoila Correa gave a passionate speech at the West New York Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, taking a stand for her fellow educators and tearing into new board trustee Lorena Portillo for saying local students need a more rigorous curriculum. 

“I heard the candidate that came up and won the nomination , she pretty much … as a teacher I was very offended,” she said.

” And I don’t know if you have come and talk to me, no offense m’am, I totally respect you as a woman and as a provider, whatever it is, I don’t know the terms. The fact is, I didn’t feel that you had a base to say that we need a more rigorous program.”

“I’m a sixth grade math teacher and our program is rigorous and we stand up to the top state school as you saw in that report. Every single one of those things were higher, higher, higher – not one, not one – was lower.”

While Correa did not receive a response from the board after her turn at the mic concluded, she received a roaring standing ovation from the crowd.

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