West New York police launch ‘Operation Safe Streets’ to address e-bike concerns


The West New York Police Department has launched “Operation Safe Streets” to address e-bike concerns such as riding on the sidewalk, failure to yield, and not complying with traffic regulations.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Operation Safe Streets is a critical step towards creating a safer and more secure urban environment for our residents. We recognize the importance of e-bikes as a mode of transportation, but it is equally vital to establish rules that ensure the safety of all community members,” Mayor Albio Sires said in a statement.

“This initiative represents a collaborative effort between law enforcement and our residents to foster responsible e-bike usage and promote adherence to traffic laws.”

Through the new program, will be strategically deployed throughout West New York to address various concerns such as the ones mentioned above.

Operation Safe Streets aims to strike a balance between embracing innovative transportation options and ensuring the welfare of pedestrians and traditional cyclists, officials said today.

The West New York Police Department encourages residents to actively participate in this initiative by reporting e-bike violations and raising awareness about the importance of responsible e-bike usage.

Furthermore, the department acknowledged the need for ongoing education and outreach and pledges to work closely with local organizations to provide informational resources on e-bike regulations.

Earlier this month, two Memorial High School students were badly injured while riding motorized scooters, while a scooterist was killed after running a stop sign in September, as only HCV reported.

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  1. This should be something new!

    Confiscate the Scooters,Bikes and start traffic enforcement of violations of reckless motor vehicles driving around town. For god sake enforce the laws wny pd. Its your job!

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