West New York PBA hosts 6th annual blood drive to honor police detective’s father


The West New York Policemen’s Benevolent Association hosted their 6th annual blood drive to honor a police detective’s father whose life was prolonged by blood transfusions. 

“Six years ago, my father passed from lymphoma and I went to the Town of West New York, the police department and the PBA to assist me with doing a blood drive – they were very helpful and kind, they got me started,” Police Det. Robert Leon told HCV yesterday.

“And then this year, I also did it in memory of my aunt, she also passed last January. Like I said: cancer is a terrible disease and this is one way that we can help save lives, or prolong life, for patients with cancer.”

Leon reiterated that cancer is a disease that touches everyone in some way, shape or form and that donating blood actually goes a long way in helping patients battle the disease.

Hosted on the 2nd floor of Town Hall, Leon added that 41 people registered to give blood and 47 pints were collected (a few donors were able to give double), surpassing their expectations.

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