West New York passes resolution to find Silvio Acosta’s successor in DPW


The West New York Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution authorizing a search committee to find the successor to Department of Public Works Superintendent Silvio Acosta, a former deputy mayor. 

The resolution authorizes a search committee, which consists of Mayor Felix Roque, DPW Commissioner Gabriel Rodriguez and a yet to be named member of the public, to find the next DPW superintendent.

Hudson County View exclusively reported last month that a similar resolution was initially on the tentative meeting agenda, but it was removed in a matter of minutes.

Acosta is a close ally of Roque who has routinely created tension among other members of his administration, dating back to May 2011 when Roque was elected to his first term.

Acosta’s pending exit marks the third pivotal member of Team Roque on their way out, as Business Administrator Matthew Watkins has accepted the same post in Bloomfield and Town spokesman Pablo Fonseca has resigned – with the latter citing his mother’s declining health.

No West New York officials or residents opted to comment on the measure, which was unanimously approved along with 29 other items on the consent agenda.

That vote came after a nearly two-hour caucus meeting to iron out the agenda in the mayor’s office, which also included a closed session.

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  1. What took them so long to get rid of this lowlife piece of garbage? He should never have been in that position in the first place.
    Now, let’s get rid of Roque and maybe this town can begin to recover from the abuses of so many years.
    The corruption didn’t start with Roque, but he took it to new heights, and it should end with him.

  2. The action taken by the Wny board of commissioners last night sends a message that our elected officials can and are looking out for the public’s best interest. Thank you all for acting responsibly and thanks to the individual in the background who did not have a vote but supported the resolution

  3. Let’s hope the member of the public being appointed to the search committee or Acosta’s replacement is not a former anti of the Roque administration which whould give the impression of being bought off. Example. (. Patrick Cullen ) let’s face it , he doesn’t open him mouth about anything anymore.

  4. Isn’t it funny how everyone is going away so quietly. They came in like lions got to rape the town of as much as they could and then leave out the back door. Demarco, Gil Garcia, Fonseca, Acosta, Vargas, Rodriguez both husband and wife, Flor da liz. I could go on forever. I guess there’s nothing left to take and the chief Roque may finally be going away for good, so the cleanup begins because we can’t have any leftover craziness for the next chosen one, whomever that might be. Maybe Cosmo (sacco) or sue (sacco) or Rodriguez (sires). We’ll see soon enough who is running the show, but it sure isn’t Roque. Anyway the good news is that both fonseca the liar and Acosta the thief are finally gone. That’s the silver lining here.

    • I want to to make a correction , Vargus is collecting 3 checks . So he’s better off now than when he was an elected official . When he was elected he was getting 15,000 a year as a commissioner , now he receives $40,000 from the housing authority for a few hours at night , $ 40,000 from the parking authority from a day thing , whatever he does and a check from the north Hudson sewer authority for a meeting once a month . Total $ 85,000 . Not bad for a high school drop out .

  5. Rueben Vargas got on 2 payrolls.. Housing and Parking Authorities. I was told he is collecting the meter money during the day at the Parking Authority and too tired or busy counting the Money to show for his other job at the Housing Authority… But he is getting paid from both Authority’s and all the other loot.

  6. In all seriousness, are we to believe that Silvio is just going away? We want to believe it but we have been told this before and it never came to fruition. We believe that hes probably not going anywhere and that he will just dictate what happens in wny from a throne in another location. That is, until Donald serves the final blow. So while this battle appears to have been won, Donald needs to finish him off AND all his little henchmen who “work” for the town on all levels. Only then we will be able to get down to the business of repairing the damage, and there’s plenty, that Silvio Acosta has caused, and eventually make WNY town hall a positive, progressive place to be and NOT the hostile work environment it is now. Just some food for thought.

  7. Presumably, this slimeball Acosta will collect a pension from all the “positions” he’s held in town.
    His pension money should be withheld until he pays up the half million $$ fine he owes the town for all the zoning violations on the house he illegally converted.
    If he doesn’t pay up, then everyone in town who gets a fine for any reason should also refuse to pay, and cite Acosta as the reason.
    I’d like to see Roque’s response to that.

  8. BTW, since this lowlife resigned his “position” as “Deputy Mayor” last year, has a new Deputy Mayor been appointed?

    Or was that just another made up job by Roque, so his crony could collect money for doing nothing? There have been several of those for Roque’s supporters. He rewards the people who helped him get elected at the expense of taxpayers.

  9. John Heinis , can you tell your followers who the member of the public is on the search committee to find a replacement for Silvio Acosta. I haven’t heard of anyone being appointed, also will this opening be advertised.