West New York mayor’s son, Rodas voted off of zoning board by commissioners


Following up on a recommendation by the West New York Zoning Board of Adjustment earlier this month, the board of commissioners voted to remove a former board of education trustee and one of Mayor Felix Roque’s sons. 

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

On January 3rd, the zoning board approved a measure asking for Steven Rodas and Daniel Roque to be removed from the governing body due to excessive absences, as only HCV reported.

On Wednesday night, Corporation Counsel Michael Jimenez explained that both zoning members had until January 14th to indicate they wanted to appear before the board and neither had done so.

The board of commissioners approved the recommendation for removal unanimously (5-0), with Roque being the only one to briefly interject during the vote.

“For the approval of removing Daniel Roque, he mentioned he was going to be attending medical school. Steven Rodas, I was assured he was sent a letter to answer you. If that’s the case, I have no problem,” the mayor said before voting yes.

From there, the board of commissioners okayed subsequent resolutions to appointment Cibelis Rosado-Mota, Margarita Pajaro, Jeffrey Courtney and Ricky Solaris.

Rosado-Mota is replacing Rodas, while Pajaro was slated to replace Daniel Roque, however, she withdrew her application upon discovering a scheduling conflict wither her job. As a result, that seat will remain vacant at this time.

Meanwhile, Courtney, a Memorial High School teacher and the treasurer for the New Beginnings West New York team opposing Mayor Roque, will be taking over for Teresa Cruz and Ricky Solaris – the board of education facilities supervisor – is succeeding Board of Education Vice President David Morel.

At the tail end of the meeting, Zoning Board Chairman Kenneth Blane thanked the commissioners for following through on their recommendations.

“I’d like to thank for board for approving our recommendation tonight to remove two members. Who those two members specifically are is not important. But everybody knows, I hope, the stellar reputation of the town zoning board,” he explained.

“How seriously we take our responsibilities: not only to protect the interests of the West New York residents, but also to represent you – because you’re the people who nominate and appoint our members.”

Blane concluded that the recommendation was made strictly due to excessive absences and lateness, not for political or any other reasons.

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