West New York honors fallen veterans with Memorial Day ceremony


West New York officials and dozens of residents gathered at their local middle school to honor fallen veterans at an annual Memorial Day ceremony.


After an opening prayer and remarks from the board of commissioners, Army National Guard Lt. William Bailey, Jr. and U.S. Army Private First Class Hector Maisonave explained the importance of Memorial Day from their perspectives.

“For me, this [day] embodies the core of service: placing the greater good ahead of your own well-being,” Bailey said on stage at West New York Middle School today.

The town also honored U.S. Army Pvt. Serge J. Delsy, who was killed in World War II but inadvertently left off of the local WWII memorial years ago.

However, officials have given a commitment that his name will be added to the monument at a date to be determined.

Delsy’s sister, Jeanette Diana, as well as other family members, showed up to thank West New York for making the matter a priority.

Mayor Felix Roque, a retired U.S. Army colonel, could not make it as he was taking his wife and newborn son, Eduardo, home from the hospital.

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  1. Another slap in the face to the residents of WNY and Veterans everywhere …. The esteemed and highly regarded Dr Roque couldn’t make arrangements to leave the hospital an hour later so he could attend this very important ceremony?

    Of course he could, he just didn’t because we are not important to him. Never were, never will be. Gone are the days when he would show up in a military uniform bragging about his service and good deeds.

    I’m not sure what’s worse, him embellishing on that or not showing up at all.

    Poor excuse for a mayor… Poor excuse for a man actually.