West New York football coaches, parent express concerns with youth program


Two West New York youth football coaches, as well as a concerned parent with a child on the team, expressed their qualms with the Hudson County Youth Football League – as well as inquiring about thousands of fundraised dollars allegedly unaccounted for – at last night’s board of commissioners meeting.


Jack Rodriguez, a West New York youth football coach, expressed his discontent with the league West New York is in, the Hudson County Youth Football League, as well as the way the town has handled the program.

While Rodriguez implied that Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo had mismanaged the situation, Commissioner Fior’DAliza Frias and Cirillo both tried to provide clarity on the issue.

Later, Frias implored any parents in the audience with children involved in the football program to contact Cirillo as the town works towards a solution.

A parent with a child in the program also got up to voice his concerns on the matter.

On a related note, another coach in the program said thousands of dollars raised for the team have gone unaccounted for.

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  1. The first order of business is to find out what happened to those funds and hold whoever accountable. That weight issue on the team really needs to be addressed. Good reporting John Heinis “THE EYE OF THE COMMUNITY”

  2. Unfortunately if the opposing party wins the election they will keep the same people responsible for stealing from the children in place. They are directly linked to the person in charge of football and aligned politically.

  3. That is complete nonsense it all boils down to coaching the kids correctly unfortunately these coaches making the complaints have no experience or knowledge of the game. This program has never ever made thousands of dollars in fund raising. STOP the actuations and show prove! If these parents are concern with the program they can always put there child in the pop warner program which is open to ever child all you need is to pay the fees!

    • The coaches making the complaints have some years of experience. Its not rocket science to see that size and mass cripples, breaks, concusts and even kills silly. As far as the money there is proof and actions have been taken. The persons who stole the moneys from the children of the football program as well as the other programs she has stolen from has been removed. Baby steps to rid the towns programs of this particular cancer.

    • One would tend to believe a coach on the field in plain eyes view observing the danger then a mouth in a thread that prolly never donated a second of time to any youth program in town. Best analogy I can give to someone so ignorant and with lack of compassion for children is this. Boxing notice how it doesn’t matter age or skill or wins an losses yeah? It goes by making the weight. This is to avoid any serious brain injury smarty pants.