West New York day camp ran with ‘40% less staff’ than in 2014, official says


As West New York Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo thanked everyone who helped operate the town’s day camp this year, Town Business Administrator Matthew Watkins revealed that the program ran with “almost 40 percent less staff” than last year.


After thanking the town and police department’s efforts during National Night Out earlier this month, Cirillo was complimentary of everyone involved with the day camp.

“I’d like to commend and applaud individuals who took part in our West New York Recreation Summer Camp,” Cirillo said shortly before the conclusion of yesterday’s board of commissioners meeting.

“It was very large, we had over 1,100 children in the summer camp program and I want to publicly commend our Recreation Director Jorge Gomez – our Recreation Leader, Nicole DeFino, the supervisors and all the counselors who took part in it. I can’t tell you how proud I am of the work they did.”

Last month, a parent with a child in the day camp, as well as a camp counselor, alleged that the program was in complete disarray, operating in an inefficient, unprofessional manner across the board.

Neither individual returned to the court chambers for yesterday’s board of commissioners meeting.

Watkins also contributed to the positive vibe in the room.

“On top of that, this was all done, with almost 40 percent less staff than last year. So, I think that … I think the public needs to understand, please understand … we really had them at the bare minimum.”

Additionally, Mayor Felix Roque commended his entire board for efficiently operating with leaner departments.

“Every commissioner: parks, DPW, finance … they’re doing more with less. So I thank you all, I’m very proud of you.”

The board approved a $76 million budget with a 3.8 percent tax increase at a special meeting last month, the first budget of Roque’s administration to come with a tax hike.

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  1. Well who do I see at the end of the video ?…Is that the famous Pat Cullen applauding the Mayor after joining “The Illuminati ” ?… Is my language too strong to be understood here ?… That 4% tax increase does not affect Mr. Pat Cullen because ne is now part of the ” The Illuminati “… I thought John Heinis was going to get to bottom of this with an interview but I guess I was wrong.

    • Rumor has it that Patrick Cullen is eating at the table with the administration now . The former security guard got what he was after ( a real job ) the only thing he has to do is keep he mouth shut and be a yes man . He’s got no self respect , no integrity, no class . He’s a loser . Always was and always will be.

  2. This article is very biased. If the public was to see what was happening indoors instead of believing words they’d understand how this post is untrue. Remember actions speak louder than words.

    • I have no clue what the second part is supposed to mean, but what was said at the meeting is backed up by video. I don’t see how much more clear cut you can get than that.

  3. Cosmo has been in that chair about 8 months now. He has done nothing to fix or help WNY. Cosmo is now fair game an is to be called besides a failure a Roque P.O.S!!!

    Truth hurts