West New York acquires two new ambulances at no cost to the taxpayer


The town of West New York announced the acquisition of two new ambulances at a press conference at yesterday. Mayor Felix Roque, Police Director Robert Antolos and Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Coordinator William Bringas all voiced their approval for the local EMS workers at the event. 


The announcement of the two new ambulances, which took place right across from Son Cubano, had Mayor Felix Roque praise the town’s EMS workers, calling them the best the county has to offer.

Responding to a question from Hudson County View, Roque, also a pain management doctor, clarified that the new EMS vehicles would come at no cost to the taxpayer.

Police Director Robert Antolos also commended the hard work of the EMS team, while OEM Coordinator William Bringas attributed his success to the efforts of the whole team.

After the press conference concluded, Bringas gave Hudson County View a tour of one of the new ambulances. 

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