Two Union City police officers being investigated for alleged illegal drug use


Corey Corbo and his girlfriend, Jessica Garcia, are facing disciplinary action from the Union City police department after allegedly using an illegal substance at a party two weekends ago. A source reveals that Corbo needed to be hospitalized as a result of the incident.

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  1. Obviously another cover up by the corrupt Mayor Brian P. Stack! John when are you going to investigate the real reason why Union City Superintendent of Schools Sandy Sanger abruptly decided to retire? The buzz in the school system is their is an ongoing FBI investigation and Sandy wants no part of it. Will Sylvia Abatto blindly follow Brian Stack to a Federal Indictment? Only time will tell. Sylvia you seem like a nice enough lady and we do not want to see you in a federal penitentiary so when Brian Stack asks you to commit your first crime JUST SAY NO!

  2. They’re both dumbasses. She’s a cheap whore that was having an affair with him while he was married and if I remember right she was into drugs BEFORE she became a cop…he’s a fucking scumbag that likes to beat up kids. They both got what they deserve!